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Your Refrigerator not cooling here are 11 causes you need to know

Azadi Times: The causes of the refrigerator not being cold are generally very varied, starting from the presence of ice flowers covering the surface of the refrigerator freezer, incorrect refrigerator usage techniques and many more:

This refrigerator serves to store drinks and food to make it more durable whereas the refrigerator must provide cold air for the preservation process.

But sometimes there are certain problems or circumstances where the refrigerator may experience problems or damage, one of which is a refrigerator that is not cold. A refrigerator that is not cold will not be able to store drinks and food for a long time so it can’t be used in the end.

The normal temperature of the refrigerator to maintain the quality of food and beverages in it is below 4°C. As for the freezer, the recommended temperature is -18°C. If the temperature is far above the recommendation, it can be ascertained that there is a faulty component in your refrigerator. It is necessary to immediately know which components are damaged so that they can function normally again

The following is an explanation of the causes of the refrigerator not cooling when it is turned on and the appropriate steps to deal with it, which have been summarized by

Causes of the Refrigerator Not Cold

1. Ice Flowers That Are Too Thick

Ice flowers are s that form in the freezer due to frozen water droplets. This ice flower can thicken and cover the hole in the freezer. If the hole in the freezer is covered by this ice flower, it can affect the air entering the freezer so that the temperature in the freezer decreases or is no longer cold. 

To clean frost that is too thick, you need to leave the Fridge open and place the fan running in front of it so that the wind from the fan can blow directly into the inside of the Fridge. This step is proven to be very fast and efficient in melting the ice flowers until the freezer side is clean again.

After that, when the ice has melted, you can remove the water that has accumulated at the bottom of the freezer. Then do the wiping using a clean kitchen textile cloth so that the water can disappear and does not cause the formation of ice again shortly. Then you can turn the Refrigerator back on and wait a moment for it to cool down again. Cleaning the ice flowers should be regular so that the shelf life of the refrigerator is still maintained.

2. Put Hot Food In The Fridge

The routine of placing hot food as one of the triggers for the refrigerator not to cool is often not realized by all friends. This happens according to basic logic if the temperature of the heat created by the food is more dominant, therefore the surrounding temperature will follow it.

If you put a lot of food in the refrigerator in hot conditions, it will cause the temperature in the refrigerator to drop because it is affected by the heat temperature created by the food. That’s why the fridge doesn’t cool down again after storing hot food.

3. Keep the Refrigerator away from Equipment that Has Hot Properties

If you have a refrigerator that is placed in the kitchen and near the stove, for example, it will also cause the refrigerator to not cool. Equipment that has heat-generating properties can affect the temperature inside the refrigerator. Therefore, you should place the refrigerator at a relatively safe temperature and place it in a location away from heat gain so that its durability is built.

4. Sockets and Electrical Plugs That Don’t Work Well

All electronic equipment generally uses a power outlet for its power. However, generally, in some cases, the refrigerator does not cool because the outlet is not working properly. Suppose the electric current flowing through the socket is not smooth so the electricity becomes unstable. This can make the refrigerator not cold because the electric power is not fulfilled.

5. Damage to Freon

Generally, the trigger for the Refrigerator not to cool can be caused because there is a leak in the freon there is a freon compound that has run out. Freon is s or compound that can produce cold in the refrigerator.

This situation can be found by holding the back side of the refrigerator next to the grill of the refrigerator. This side is the side that should be hot because the heat of the freon will be released here. If it doesn’t feel warm, then the freon compound has run out and must be refilled.

6. The Fridge Door That Is Not Closed Tightly

When the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, cold air can leak out of the refrigerator. As a result, the refrigerator does not cool and the food and drinks inside can rot or go stale.

The non-tightness of the refrigerator door can be caused by the rubber on the refrigerator being damaged so that there is a gap in the refrigerator that makes the cold air in the refrigerator come out.

7. Unstable Electric Voltage

The power lines that enter the house affect the performance of electronic devices, one of which is the refrigerator. Unstable electricity can make the refrigerator not cold, even damaged. Refrigerator compressor to work optimally and produce cool air, the incoming power line must be stable. To find out the state of electricity in the house, you need to call the relevant electricity company such as PLN.

8. Refrigerator Temperature Too Low

When you buy a new refrigerator, the temperature in the refrigerator is usually set as not too cold. For that, friends, make sure the temperature of the refrigerator first before checking other parts of the refrigerator when you have a problem with a refrigerator that is not cold.

9. Forgot to Set the Thermostat

The thermostat is a component in the refrigerator that functions to regulate the cold temperature in the refrigerator. Most people are careless in setting this thermostat so that the refrigerator temperature is not cold. Some people set it too low to save electricity.

10. Evaporator Broken or Damaged

In addition, a damaged evaporator can also cause the temperature of the refrigerator to heat up. This component plays a role in draining the freon compound that can cool the refrigerator. If it is damaged or leaks, then the freon also cannot spread optimally. If you have this kind of step to handle it by replacing it with a new one in a good condition.

11. Compressor Damage

The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration cycle in the refrigerator where it serves to distribute cold air to all sides of the refrigerator. If it doesn’t work properly then all cooling processes don’t work or even start.

The job of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant from cold low pressure steam to high-pressure hot steam. This compressed refrigerant is in the form of high-pressure hot steam which is then channelled through a condenser which is then condensed into a high-pressure liquid. This liquid then drains through the evaporator coil where it evaporates and cools to a low-pressure vapour. Air flows over the cooling coils and keeps the fridge cool. So when the compressor is destroyed, this cooling transition doesn’t even start.

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