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Everyone’s favorite strawberry health guarantee


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In winter, as the cold goes down, strawberries start appearing everywhere in the markets. The heart-shaped blackberry, belonging to the rose family, is a hearty fruit with a deep red color and a crown of green leaves on the head, which is also known as a guarantee of health.

According to modern medical research, daily consumption of strawberries plays an important role in increasing human immunity and keeping healthy. Strawberries contain natural ingredients that have the ability to fight many deadly diseases like heart disease and cancer. Strawberries contain potassium and minerals that improve the body’s immune system.

The ellagic acid and flavonoids in strawberries provide an antioxidant effect, which improves heart health. They counteract the effects of bad cholesterol in the blood, which causes blood to thicken in the arteries.

According to medical experts, strawberries are the best source of vitamin C. Rich in antioxidants, strawberries can help prevent cataracts. Vitamin C in strawberries is also important for boosting collagen. Collagen helps improve skin elasticity and suppleness. The antioxidants and other components in strawberries may also potentially help reduce the effects of joint inflammation.

Heart health

The anthocyanins and coacertin in strawberries may help protect against heart disease. A 2019 study found that anthocyanins are associated with a lower risk of heart attack. Additionally, according to a 2016 study, quastin has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of heart disease atherosclerosis.

The potassium in strawberries is also beneficial for heart health. In addition, a 2016 meta-analysis reviewed 11 clinical trials to assess the association between dietary flavonoid intake and stroke. The analysis concluded that a diet high in flavonoids may reduce the risk of stroke.

Prevent cancer

According to a study, the nutrient-rich compounds in strawberries and other berries may help protect against certain types of cancer. They primarily help prevent stomach and breast cancer, but may also help prevent oral, lung, prostate, liver, and pancreatic cancers to a lesser extent. Rather than identifying a single compound, the authors hypothesized that the benefit is likely due to a combined effect of all the compounds in strawberries.

High blood pressure

The potassium in strawberries can be beneficial for people with high blood pressure. According to a 2018 study, potassium helps neutralize the negative effects of sodium in the body. Increasing your intake of potassium-rich foods can lower blood pressure, which helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.


Eating strawberries slows down the process of digesting glucose and moderates the use of insulin, especially when they are eaten with a high-carbohydrate meal. The polyphenols in strawberries help improve the effects of type 2 diabetes. In particular, it controls blood sugar and regulates blood pressure.

Useful for eyes

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful, fast-acting antioxidant as well as an immune booster. The antioxidant properties in strawberries may also help prevent cataracts. Vitamin C is essential to protect our eyes from exposure to free radicals in the sun’s strong ultraviolet rays, which can otherwise damage the proteins in the lens. Vitamin C also plays an important role in strengthening the cornea and retina of the eye.

Obesity related diseases

Strawberries have a low glycemic index (GI), which helps the body release blood sugar. Studies show that a low glycemic index diet can be beneficial for weight control and reducing obesity-related diseases. Strawberries are also low in calories.


Strawberries are a high-fiber food that helps maintain regular bowel movements. Fiber helps prevent constipation through the intestinal tract. Also, experts recommend increasing water intake and eating fruits that are high in water content.

Improvement of skin elasticity

The collagen present in strawberries helps in improving the elasticity of the skin. Since we lose collagen as we age, eating foods rich in vitamin C keeps skin looking healthy and youthful. But this is not the only source found in this fruit that fights wrinkles naturally. The ellagic acid it contains appears to prevent collagen loss and the inflammatory response in human skin cells after continuous exposure to skin-damaging UVB rays.

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