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Alteration in record of allotted plots of victims Mangla Dam | Mirpur today news


(Mirpur Today News)

Mirpur (Zafar Mughal) The victims, including Kashmiri-origin British-based immigrants in Mirpur, have been exposed to changes in the records of allotted plots of Mangla Dam, and changes in maps, changes in the size of plots, and wide-scale irregularities. 

After the preliminary hearing, the petition was approved for regular hearing, and the Government of Azad Kashmir and Director of State Management Qaiser Aurangzeb, Task Force Raja Shahzad, and 13 parties including in-charge Task Force Raja Shehzad were issued notices. 

The next hearing is scheduled for 21 June 2022. A request to file a reference in the Accountability Bureau by identifying the petitioner. The High Court directed to suspend the ongoing illegal actions of the MDA against the petitioner-emigrants and to restore them if possible. There are the bodies of expatriate Britain Muhammad Sulaiman, a well-known jurist of Azad Kashmir, Qazi Adnan Qayyum Advo. 

CAT Supreme Court has held that Plot No. 49 sub-sector F-3 part was purchased by the petitioner on 06-02-1990 as Jupiter IV, whose initial notice allotment was issued on 13-02-88, while the possession chit and allotment order was issued on 31-03-88 and the regular approval of MDA 23 – On 06-14, the construction permit was issued and according to the sector plan of 1987, drawing number TP-0037-38 of the TP department, a fifty feet by ninety feet corner is visible, for the construction of the boundary wall with the floor, later the development agency took the initiative and canceled the initial sector plan of 1987 without government approval under the law in 2008. 

By compiling a new sector plan, the allottee of Plot No. 50 was allotted against the area of 10 x 90 road as an annexation against the law and in 1998 Plot No. 48-A was constructed against the law and rules of the initial sector plan by creating a four-storied plaza in collusion and in this way the concerned officials of MDA changed the 2008 map which the Supreme Court On 17-12-2013, the case titled Ali Shan vs. MDA, etc was quashed on the ground that it was against the law. 

While the officer in charge of the petitioner has issued a notice and area on 14-04-2022, which is against the law and rules, Qazi Adnan Qayyum Advocate has taken a stand in the preliminary hearing that in the light of the clear decision of the Supreme Court of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the canceled Revised Sectoral Plan, additionally created Badu option plot no. 48- A Sector F-3 Part Forewarning and Expropriation Area 14-04-22 be declared illegal, null and void, and the petitioner’s Plot No. 49 should not be changed without reducing the size and the Government of Azad Kashmir MDA authorities should be ordered to restore the map 1987 Drawing No. TP-0037- The implementation of 38 should be ensured and the Government of Azad Kashmir, Chief Secretary, Secretary Housing and Planning, and Mirpur Development Authority should be directed to take necessary steps to make it an active and organized institution as well as to make it a corruption-free institution so that the investment of Kashmiri immigrants can be secured in the development of the institution and the public interest of the road in this sector. 

Plot No. 50 adjacent to the allotted area of 10×90 should be declared null and void and the road should be restored It should also be directed that the Commission of Inquiry under the Act 1956 (3) headed by the Judge of the High Court should be investigated by the Commission consisting of officers and officials involved in alterations in plots and records, changes in the maps of plots and other irregularities by identifying the officers and employees involved in the Accountability Act 2001 against them. References should be filed against them in the Accountability Court while determining the persons responsible under the subordinate provisions. 

After the initial hearing, the judge of the High Court, Justice Chaudhry Khalid Rasheed, approved the writ petition for a regular hearing and suspended all the illegal orders regarding the petitioner’s plot number 49, and restored the situation. The order was also issued and fixed on the date of 21-06-22 for the next hearing, Government of Azad Kashmir through Chief Secretary, Secretary Physical Planning and Housing, Director General MDA, Secretary MDA Board, Allotment Committee, Secretary Law, Raja Qaiser, and Aurangzeb Director State Management MD. A Deputy Director.

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