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Organized Conference on Local Government Elections organized by CPDR

Muzaffarabad (Dharti News) Municipal elections will play an important role in making citizens participate in power and removing the frustration found in the society. These views were expressed by the speakers while addressing a conference organized by the Center for Peace, Development and Reforms (CPDR) regarding local government elections. Leaders of PPP, Tehreek-e-Insaf, Non-League and Muslim Conference welcomed the local elections held at the end of November and said that the local elections will positively affect the politics and society of Azad Kashmir and will usher in a new era of construction and development in Azad Kashmir. Chapter will begin. Former People’s Party Minister Sardar Javed Ayub, Election Commission member Farhat Mir, Non-League leader Zahid Amin Kashif, PTI leader Sardar Muhammad Qazi Israel, Shaukat Javed Mir Shahid Awan, Faisal Jameel Kashmiri, Irshad Mehmood, Dr. Waqaz Ali were present from the conference. , Murad Ali, Arteza Muhammad and others addressed.
Member of Assembly and leader of PPP Sardar Javed Ayub said that PPP fully supports the local body elections and expects new leadership to emerge from these elections. Middle class youth will get a chance to come forward. He said that we want to see the local government payments empowered and efficient. Addressing the conference, Member Election Commission Farhat Ali Mir said that the people are participating in this election after three-and-a-half years. It is the constitutional responsibility of the Election Commission to conduct local elections every four years. He urged the civil society organizations to play an active role in making people aware of the importance of elections. Farhat Ali Mir said that it is important to elect educated and knowledgeable representatives in the election because local government representatives have to plan construction works and they have to play the role of a bridge between the government and the people. Farhat Ali Mir said that the assemblies are the heart of the democratic system and the local governments are its arteries. Without which body movement is impossible. He said that everyone, including women, youth, minorities, has an equal opportunity to try their luck in the elections. Addressing the conference, the leader of the Muslim Conference, Sardar Usman Atiq, said that holding the local body elections is a good start. However, this is a gradual process and gradually the local government system will be strong and efficient. Don’t expect quick results. He said that the youth and women should enter the election field in a vigorous manner and should compete without any fear. PTI leader Sardar Muhammad Israel Qazi said that according to the vision of Imran Khan, the power should be at the bottom. Successfully transferred. PTI will achieve historic victory in local body elections and empower common people. Prime Minister Tanveer Ilyas is determined to transfer power to the grassroots level. Speaking on this occasion, PML-N leader Zahid Amin Kashif said that democratic system cannot take root without local elections. He said that the Non-League will participate fully in the election. It is the right of the people that the problems of the neighborhood should be solved at the local level. He expressed hope that the democratic system will be strengthened by the municipal election. SDGs Coordinator for Azad Kashmir Syed Ali Hasnain Gilani highlighted the possibilities of achieving sustainable development goals in the region through local governments. He said that with the establishment of local governments, problems like hunger, food security, health, education, clean drinking water and sanitation, provision of dignified employment and environmental sustainability can be controlled. He said that the democratic process is not fulfilled only by the election of the Legislative Assembly, but citizens have to participate in the decision-making process. He said that the local government system plays a role in developing the democratic system and developing leadership. He said that after the election, there should be a discussion on the problems faced by the local bodies. The host of the conference, Dr. Waqas Ali, said that women and youth should be given equal opportunities for development and becoming part of the political system so that they can be part of the state. Can play a positive role for development. He said that it is the responsibility of the political parties to give more tickets to the youth and women and also play a role in their success in the election. But attention has to be paid so that their reputation can be established. Prominent social leader Faisal Jameel Kashmiri stressed that elections should be free, transparent and reliable. Common people should get more opportunities in this because they are the only ones who know the local issues. PPP youth leader Murad Ali said that a large number of youths are eager to participate in the elections, but they should also be provided with necessary training so that they can be elected and provide development and good governance. Raja Shahid Latif, a youth leader of the Non-League, said that he himself would participate in the election and as a youth would struggle hard to bring change in his union council. He said that municipal election is our right and it is not a favor.

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