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Two-day peaceful protest dharna continues in Bhimbar, convoys start arriving

Iftikharabad Bhimbar (Dharti News) Two-day peaceful protest sit-in by workers of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and Students Liberation Front is going on in Iftikharabad Bhimbar, a town located on the ceasefire line. On the first day of the sit-in, convoys of the Liberation Front and Students Liberation Front from across Azad Kashmir, led by Zonal President Dr. Toqeer Geelani and other central and zonal leaders, reached Iftikharabad Chhamb Jodrian. From Jatlan to Iftikharabad, the caravan was warmly welcomed and in various towns and villages the youth showered flowers on the caravan. Hundreds of people including workers of Liberation Front and Students Liberation Front and Kashmir Freedom Movement in Kot Jamil and Moel welcomed the convoy enthusiastically from where thousands of people reached Chhamb Jodrian in the form of a rally and started siting on the cease fire line. The participants of the rally and sit-in enthusiastically shouted slogans of Pakistan India withdrawal, release Yasin Malik, division of Jammu and Kashmir is not accepted and we want freedom. Addressing the participants of the late-night sit-in, the zonal president of the Liberation Front, Dr. Tauqeer Geelani, Toseef Jaral, Advocate, Jahangir Mirza, Shafiq Kayani and others said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir reject the plans of dividing the state and Bandar Bant between Pakistan and India. . The inhumane and illegal actions taken by the Indian government on August 5, 2019 and the efforts of the Pakistani government to merge Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir into Pakistan will never be accepted by the people of the state. Speakers said that Jammu and Kashmir is a unity which has been captured by force. Promised to restore its unity and recognize the free opinion of the state people, but both countries continue to prolong their inhumane occupation through continuous aggression and war, in violation of their promises and UN Security Council resolutions. The speakers said that thousands of people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir who are here today on the cease-fire line want the end of the occupation of India and Pakistan and the restoration of the unity and freedom of their state and the immediate, simultaneous and complete withdrawal of the occupying forces of India and Pakistan. demand. Leaders of the Liberation Front said that history shows that the occupying forces have to leave the occupied territories sooner or later, so it is up to the policy makers and ruling class of India and Pakistan to choose a dignified way for their withdrawal or not. Humiliated and humiliated, they leave the state. He said that the Indian government cannot justify its occupation by jailing Yasin Malik and other freedom fighters through so-called and fake cases. Modi government’s crimes against humanity are unforgivable. Speakers said that Yasin Malik is the greatest and most popular leader of the freedom struggle of the people of the state. The Indian government should immediately release Yasin Malik and other freedom-loving leaders and activists. The speakers demanded the simultaneous and complete withdrawal of the occupying forces from the state and the restoration of the unity of the state.

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