Monday, September 26, 2022

Development in Neelum Valley a Beautiful districts in Pakistan-administered Jammu Kashmir

The time for elections in Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir is now approaching. Political activities and manipulations as well as loud claims are being made:

Neelum is a remote district of this region which is the most beautiful and charming region of this five thousand square miles of Azad Kashmir.

Rivers of clear water, towering trees between the peaks that speak to the sky add to its beauty, but unfortunately, even in this modern material age of the 21st century, this region is a picture of the Stone Age. But the fate of the region has not changed. The dilapidated wooden bridges over the Neelum River, the dilapidated condition of schools and other issues are a source of concern for the people here. 

Located above, where the daily firing has made the lives of the people here unbearable, but even today, if you look at the political claims, according to them, Neelam has become Paris.

Khawaja Mujtaba ‘Bande, a dynamic youth of Neelum Valley and central leader of NSF, has described the problems in different parts of the country.

Khwaja Mujtaba ‘Bande has spread the rays of consciousness in a remote area and has struggled beyond his means, highlighting public issues and raising awareness among the people against this outdated system.

Watch this video and analyze for yourself how people have been exploited in this base of luxury for the last seventy years in Azad Kashmir. Conscience is still being bought in the name of development and even today people are being shown sweet dreams that we They will bring a revolution of construction and development

But now people are raising questions. Awareness of questioning is rising, albeit at a slower pace, but it will one day lead to a revolution.

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