Monday, September 26, 2022

A child born in a car lost ife, parents protest


HATTIAN BALA – (Azadi Times – Latest News) The child born to a woman in a car survived for three days due to lack of basic health facilities for the patient who came to the BHU of the Health Department in Gehal Jabra area of Jhelum Valley district. 

His life was lost, after performing the funeral prayer, the child was buried in the local cemetery. There was a wave of grief and sorrow in the public circles, silent spectators. According to the details, Shujaat Kazmi’s pregnant wife Masma (as) was brought to the BHU of Guhal Jabra on Saturday. HV treated the patient in the worst manner in history by adopting an insulting attitude and started the operation inside the vehicle in public. 

An attempt was made, but the woman gave birth inside the car, the hospital staff was extremely negligent and demonstrated that there are wards and beds inside the BHU, but where is the justice for the staff to operate inside the vehicle? Will the poor continue to be treated in the same way? Watchmen and peons are also doctors and patients are treated worse than animals. Prime minister, education minister, health minister and other officials of health department should take action against the irresponsible staff. BHU Gahal Jabra Union Council is the only hospital in Nadjian whose building is built. All the facilities are there. Still, why are people being treated like beasts? The employees go to duty at 10 o’clock every day and if asked, they immediately use political influence and say that No one can spoil anything for us. 

I request that the most transparent inquiry should be conducted by suspending all the staff and the employees guilty of negligence should be made a lesson. Neither the responsible Ghal Jabda came nor anyone An investigation was conducted, if I do not get justice, I will not avoid taking the right action. I am a very poor man. 

Justice should be provided to me by filing a case of murder against the employees. The woman employee posted at Gehal Jabra BHU said in her position that when she saw the check-up and her test report of the woman brought for delivery. 

According to the test report, the amount of Hemoglobin is 6.2 while the normal range is 12 to 14 in women. Apart from this, the affected woman had many other complications. She had not had any proper check-up or treatment for 4 months. Because of this, the affected woman was referred to Hattian. On the way, she delivered in the car. 

Instead of taking Hatian, the patient was brought back to BHU, where the BHU staff treated the woman as much as possible. Saving the life of the child The victim woman was taken out of the car and placed in the labor room and the resources According to those who were present, the woman was treated, but the condition of the victim was worse, due to which the family of the victim was advised to take her to Hattian for proper treatment, but the wife of the victim refused to take her to Hattian. Instead, they took it back home and started baseless and fabricated propaganda, although the reality is the opposite.

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