Monday, September 26, 2022

A married woman gone missing our daughter killed Parents claim

(Hattian Bala (Azadi Times – Latest Hattian Bala News – Bureau Report) 

Hattian Bala (Azadi Times – Latest Hattian Bala News – Bureau Report) A married woman living in the neighboring village of Chinari, Gahal Jabra, has gone missing, her daughter has been killed Parents claim. The disappearance of a married woman from Gahal Jabra, a village on the outskirts of Chinari, will become a mystery. The parents of Rizwana Bibi, a married woman who has been missing from Chinari since July 24, filed two separate reports of disappearance at Chinari police station.

He claimed the murder of his daughter, he said that six days after our daughter’s disappearance, we had identified the body found in the Jhelum Valley, Azad Patan, from the pictures of her. This body was that of our daughter. Before Bibi’s arrival in Azad Patan, son-in-law Khalid Kazmi and Aqeel Kazmi were to reach Azad Patan two days ago, they refused to recognize the body and buried it as an orphan, while Azad Patan Police say that DNA The report has been sent to Lahore and will be returned after a month. No action will be taken on the request for exhumation, while the body has been buried safely. She was buried here. We say with certainty that this body is our daughter’s and referring to us, the body is our daughter the incident that happened should be investigated. 

The behavior of the in-laws shows that something has happened with our daughter. She was beaten and thrown into the river. 

Weeping in the press club Hattian Bala, she said, “Our daughter’s husband had gone abroad for work. Our daughter Chinari was living in Pazir. On July 24, 2022, she will mysteriously disappear from home, which we have reported.” It was also found and given to her husband Khalid. He reached Chinari after three days from abroad, while six days after the disappearance, it was reported that the body of an unknown woman was found in Azadpatan river Jhelum. 

We recognized that this is our daughter, we are poor and helpless people, we demanded that this body is our daughter’s and be referred to us, but sometimes we are given lollipops and told that our daughter is alive. And sometimes it is said that a report has been sent for his DNA test, which will come in a month. 

Such tactics make the incident suspicious.
Our daughter’s in-laws are suspicious. We are poor and weak people. God bless the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Chief Secretary, IG Police, Deputy Commissioner, and SP. Hand over the buried body to us so that justice can be done to us. 
The investigation involved father-in-law Master Bashir Hussain Kazmi, Syed Aqeel Kazmi, Sayeqa Bibi wife of Bashir Kazmi, Aqeel Kazmi, Asad Kazmi, Saddam Kazmi, belonging to the father-in-law of the daughter. We are sure that our daughter was killed and taken to the river and different tactics are being used to suppress the incident. The police are not listening to us. We want justice.

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