Saturday, October 1, 2022

All Parties People’s Rights Forum, organized a protest on Thursday

RAWALAKOT – All Parties People’s Rights Forum, organized a protest sit-in will be held in the court premises today, a rally will be taken out from CMH Chowk at 11 o’clock today, which will end in the court premises, after which an indefinite period will be held. 

Azadi Times – There will be a sit-in, protest, during which no road will be blocked. 

It was agreed to keep the sit-in completely peaceful the representatives of Constituency Five participated, 

The forum demands that Azad Kashmir be exempted from load shedding, taxes imposed on electricity bills should be abolished, fifteenth amendment, tourism authority should be avoided, Lent officers, judges, Privileges of parliamentarians and bureaucracy should be withdrawn, prisoners arrested during the protest should be released, subsidy on flour should be restored.

While addressing the meeting, the speakers said that weWe will not give up our demands and our protest will continue until the goal is achieved. 

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