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Azad Kashmir Elections 2021: A Look at The Politics of Constituency 7, Leepa Valley, Muzaffarabad LA-33 – Sheikh Atif Maqbool

(edited by AMaatiikhan)
Leepa Valley, June 7 (SAMT) (Abrar Ahmad Awan) Azad Kashmir is currently buzzing with the election, every single thing is being heard and spoken and that is the comments on the upcoming election. The constituency that has become the center of attention at the moment is LA-33. Muzaffarabad 7 Leepa Valley, there will be competition between these candidates:

Raja Farooq Haider Khan ( current Prime Minister Azad Kashmir) (Party N League)
Diwan Ali Khan Chughtai  (Party PTI)

Sahibzada Imtiaz Zafar (Party PPP)

Liaquat Ali Awan  Muslim (Party Muslim Conference)

Mukhtar Kayani (Party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam)

Candidates will be the first to speak Raja Farooq Haider who is currently contesting from two constituencies, Constituency 6 which is his home constituency, and Constituency 7 from where he is entering the field at the behest of his advisors and the people of Leepa Valley with good faith. Kashmir politics depends on two things. Government and community The Raja community in Constituency 7 is much smaller than the other communities and there is no government at the center of the PML-N. At the same time, the PML-N is clearly divided between the two factions in Lepa. We are looking for a new nest called Khayal At any time, any interest is ready to fly away while many others have joined the party or are ready to leave. Due to his outspoken stance and domineering personality, he is popular among many people but it is difficult to get votes on this basis. The weaknesses of Farooq Haider are more. 

The second number of plus points is Diwan Chughtai who is almost from his native party Muslim Conference. He has joined PTI after half a century of friendship. A faction of the Muslim Conference has gone with him. Many people are angry. The vote bank of his community Mughal is also enough in this constituency. Many people are changing parties. Joining them are the PTI’s founding workers and ideologues who are angry at the change of party and the seizure of tickets by force, but ordinary workers are only for chanting slogans while luring special people to join them. News is also circulating that Diwan Khan is also a strong member of the race.

Third place Imtiaz Zafar is in the number. Chaudhry is from the community. He is the son of Sahibzada Ishaq Zafar, the most important leader of PPP. He is also associated with the famous shrine of Bani Hafiz. His community vote is also available but since PPP is in a state of disarray. Not given on merit. They are strangers to the people of the constituency. They are new in politics. They are in the third position in the race.

Liaquat Ali Awan is from Kashmir State Muslim Party. He recently split from PML-N and managed to get a ticket. The few survivors who left Chughtai are ideological party members. However, the vote bank of their community members is almost the largest in the constituency. Being in a weak party, it is difficult for them to get the community vote. Their party is a natural ally of PTI. If there is any difficulty, he will give up and pave the way for Diwan Chughtai. If he stays in the race, he will be in the fourth position.

 Mukhtar Kayani belongs to a religious party and religious vote is everywhere where I am a Muslim. Due to its own shortcomings in getting these votes to their representatives, They fail because politics is a game of interests, so people do not expect interest from them, so they do not get votes. 

The other is with Jamiat all over Pakistan, where their representatives come to the polls with full force Attempts are made to distribute religious votes to some people who are already there. Something similar is happening in Lepa. With the announcement of Mukhtar Kayani’s election, posters started being made from Karachi and its environs and now Lepa. Many people are ready to block their way in a systematic manner. The result will be that people will see the name of Jamiat on posters. They will also know the name of Mukhtar Kayani. Finally, they have given up on any democratic leader. If not, they can get up to 5,000 votes. The real contest will be between Farooq Haider and Diwan Chughtai. Whose weight is heavier at the moment? It is too early to say anything.

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