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Baramulla: Water Shortage in Patan Poses Challenges for Farmers


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Baramula, (Azadi Times): The absence of a lift irrigation scheme in Patan is causing severe difficulties for property owners and farmers alike, leaving them to grapple with relentless challenges.

The Patan sub-district, known for its fruit industry, holds the key to economic prosperity and self-sufficiency for its residents. However, during dry spells, the unavailability of water is posing a significant threat to fruit orchards.

Several areas within the Patan sub-district, including Sari Warpora, Mamusa, Pahlawan, Gush Bagh, Nahalpora, Talha Gam, Wani Gam, Sharpora, Bern, Bahrampora, Zangam, Sona, Yal, Kanulah, Magamah, Dangarpora, Lululpora, and Zhukar, have reported the drying up of fruit trees. This has led to a change in the appearance and taste of the fruit.

Residents from these regions have pointed out that the lack of water availability and the dry spell are causing severe damage to fruit-bearing trees. As a result, the color and flavor of the fruit crops are undergoing alterations. During the intense heatwaves, fruit orchards are particularly vulnerable due to the unavailability of timely irrigation.

They have highlighted that, much like last year, the shortage of water availability is causing significant losses to fruit crops. They stress the immediate need for a lift irrigation scheme to protect the fruit industry and apple-bearing trees.

In their appeal to the administrative authorities, residents have called for a comprehensive plan for water availability in these areas, particularly through a lift irrigation scheme. Such an initiative would not only help preserve the fruit industry but also ensure the continued livelihoods of the local farmers.

The situation in Patan underscores the urgency of addressing the water scarcity issue and implementing measures to safeguard fruit-bearing trees and the overall agricultural economy of the region.

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