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Decoding Rawalakot Postal Code: A Guide to Rawalakot Post Services

NewsDecoding Rawalakot Postal Code: A Guide to Rawalakot Post Services

Nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Rawalakot stands as a charming city with a rich cultural heritage. Amidst its scenic beauty and vibrant communities lies a crucial institution, the Rawalakot Post Office. In this detailed blog, we’ll explore the significance of the Rawalakot Post Office, its services, Rawalakot Postal codes, and the essential role of postal codes in connecting communities.

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The Rawalakot Post Office

The Rawalakot Post Office is more than just a place to send and receive mail; it’s a central hub that connects Rawalakot to the world. With a commitment to efficiency and customer service, it plays a pivotal role in facilitating communication and commerce in the region.

Services Offered by Rawalakot Post Office

  1. Mail and Parcel Services: The core service of any post office is the delivery of letters, packages, and parcels. The Rawalakot Post Office handles these with precision and care, ensuring that messages and goods reach their intended recipients.
  2. Financial Services: In addition to postal services, the Rawalakot Post Office offers various financial services, including savings accounts and money transfer options. This accessibility is particularly valuable for residents in rural areas.
  3. Philately: For philatelists and collectors, the post office often provides a selection of stamps and related products. These not only serve as collectibles but also showcase the cultural heritage and history of the region.
  4. Government Correspondence: The post office serves as a crucial channel for government correspondence. It ensures that official documents, notices, and forms are efficiently delivered to residents and businesses in Rawalakot.

The Significance of Postal Codes:

One of the fundamental aspects of postal services is the use of postal codes. Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes in some regions, play a vital role in streamlining the sorting and delivery of mail. In Rawalakot, as in other cities, postal codes are allocated to specific areas, making it easier for postal workers to identify destinations accurately.

Understanding Rawalakot Postal Codes

Rawalakot is divided into various sectors, and each sector is assigned a unique postal code. These codes ensure that mail and parcels are efficiently directed to their intended destinations. Here are some of the postal codes commonly used in Rawalakot:

Which sub-regions are included in Rawalakot? Here’s the list of sub-regions in Rawalakot.

Rawalakot AJKCityPostcode (ZIP)
RawalakotAbbas Pur12200
RawalakotBaithak Bazar12100
RawalakotBan Baikh Bazar12251
RawalakotBana Kha12421
RawalakotBhalgran Surdari12311
Rawalakot Postal code list

These postal codes are essential for businesses, residents, and postal workers alike. They streamline the delivery process, reduce errors, and expedite the movement of mail within Rawalakot.


The Rawalakot Post Office serves as a vital lifeline, connecting Rawalakot to the broader world. Its range of services, including mail and parcel delivery, financial services, and philately, reflects its commitment to the community.

Moreover, the use of postal codes ensures the efficient and accurate delivery of mail, contributing to the smooth functioning of Rawalakot’s postal system. As technology evolves, the Rawalakot Post Office continues to adapt, remaining a cornerstone of communication and connectivity in this picturesque city.

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