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Disttict Council, Union Council, Wards, Members, Voters and latest news updates about Azad Kashmir Local Government Elections


AZADI TIMES- The local elections of 1987 in Azad Kashmir were organized on the basis of the census of 1981. Thirty-two thousand six hundred and seventeen) as per constituency 1987.

The number of Union Council, Ward is 180, and Wards1311, Member Ward 1860, Member District Council 180, Town Committee Number of Council 10, Ward 46, Member Ward 65, Municipal Committee Number of Council 7, Ward 92, Member Ward 121. 

Total number of Council 197 , Ward 1449, Member 2046. The number of council members in the district council is 5 and the district member council is 180. 

As per constituency 2022, the number of council members is 280, ward 2080, member ward 2080. 

Town Committee Number Council 12, Ward 53, Member Ward 53. Municipal Committee Number of Council 14, Ward 77, Member Ward 77. 

Municipal Corporation No. Council 5, Ward 133, Member Ward 133. 

The total number of Council 311, Ward 2343, Member Ward 2343 while the number of Council in District Council is 10 and Member District Council is 280. 

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commission for the proper execution of its constitutional duties and responsibilities Section 4 of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Elections Act 2020 It is the obligation and authority to issue orders and instructions for the provision of financial and administrative resources under the law and to positively implement these orders and instructions is bound

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