Monday, September 26, 2022

Hattian Bala: two brothers allegedly abducted the 16- year old student

HATTIAN BALA: (Azadi Times – Latest News) – Two real brothers abducted a 16-year-old girl unconscious while she was returning home from school in Pano Pindi police station Chikar range.

After the molestation incident in the state of Shi, there was a wave of anger in the area. Due to the daily increase in crimes in the Jhelum Valley, the people became insecure. Demanding the strictest action against. 

According to the details, the 16-year-old student Masmaa (RA) resident of the suburbs of Chikar was stopped by her close relatives, real brothers Adeel aka DC and Rafaqat aka Saki Pasran Muhammad Sadiq. After the incident, the student was molested for about an hour for sexual harassment. The main accused of sexual harassment, Adeel alias DC escaped, while Raffakat alias Saqi was arrested at the school. This sad incident with the student happened yesterday in the forest of Panu Pindi while she was returning home from school. 

The attempt to sexually harass the student has not yet been confirmed. Sexual abuse can be determined after the medical check-up of the student. After making a noise, they closed my mouth due to which I became unconscious. When I regained consciousness, I was in the nearby forest. 

When I regained consciousness, I felt that I had been molested, so I went home and narrated the whole incident to myself. 

As soon as the police station Chikar received the information about the incident of sexual harassment with the student, they registered a case on the complaint of the student’s father Riyaz and arrested the main suspect in the case of sexual harassment of the student, Adeel alias DC’s brother Rafaqat alias Saqi, while the student was accused of sexual harassment. Chief accused Adeel aka DC has escaped, Police Chief Actions are being taken to arrest the accused. 

After this incident, there has been a wave of anger in the public circles. According to the sources, the father of the student is being pressured to dispose of the case and the state also has some responsibility on this occasion, public circles say. That the state should fulfill its responsibility on this occasion

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