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How to protect your mobile from cyber attacks in 2022?

How to protect your mobile from cyber-attacks?

Saudi Times: While installing a mobile app on your phone, some system approvals are required without which the app will not work. This is the moment when you hand over your data to any unknown person or company.

There are thousands of emails in your Mailbox that contain links to any website, after clicking on them your mobile phone or computer is linked to a server and your data can be transferred.

Many such methods make your data easy prey for hackers and you may even lose your sensitive information unknowingly. Due to increasing concerns about mobile phone privacy, all users are very careful about security, but mobile phones are not connected to the Internet. As soon as you are connected, you can become a victim of all such attacks.

Because of increasing cyber-attacks, government agencies and software companies have changed their policies from time to time and made them more secure than before, but every user needs to take precautions to keep their data safe.

1. Always install verified apps from Play Store and App Store.

2. E. Before opening any link in mail, text message or social media, confirm that the link will take you to a secure site.

3. Keep mobile phone security software up to date.

4. Do not leave mobile ports open after use, mobile ports include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, Leaving them on without use makes it easier for hackers to attack.

5. When giving your data on any website or mobile app, make sure that it is an authentic website and that your data will be kept safe.

6. Delete credit card and other sensitive information after use.

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