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If anyone dares to disturb the status of AJK, people will become angry, Farooq Haider AJK PM

 (Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir 29, June 2021) The Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that if anyone dares to disturb the status of Azad Kashmir, the people of Azad Kashmir will become an obstacle in the way. 

If one has in mind that the election of Azad Kashmir will be rigged, then he should not remain in this complacency. He believes in his institutions and forces that he will not allow these people to do such a thing in a sensitive area like Azad Kashmir. Go I swear that if anyone does such a thing that they will treat you as a sign for the future governments of Pakistan. 

As long as the name of this state is ‘Independent Government of Jammu and Kashmir’, the Kashmir issue will not end. No one can and no one can. When it is intended to end, parachutes will land from Islamabad. Even if someone cuts my neck, he cannot take me back from achieving his goal, for which our people have made sacrifices. Be willing to make sacrifices for the rights of your people. In this regard, people understand my point and they are paying attention to our point. PML-N will form the government again in Azad Kashmir, out of fear of which all these things are being done. We are not Pakistanis because of the Kashmir Council or the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs. 

The main party in the Kashmir issue is Kashmiris, one and a half lakh people have sacrificed their lives for the independence movement, today the Foreign Minister is saying that the solution to this issue is in my pocket. I want to ask them who allowed you to propose a solution without the consent of Kashmiris. I have posted the original map of Kashmir in my office. There is no problem with changing maps. You changed a map in 1971. I am trying to get respect and honor for my nation, I was also respected by my leadership, Quaid-e-Azam always respected Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas as the leader of Kashmiris. 

Criminals are being brought from Gujarat and other areas to steal PML-N’s mandate. I was told to wear a bulletproof vest, our members were intimidated, what agenda do you want to accomplish by doing so. I appeal to the conscious people of Azad Kashmir, PML-N workers and civil society to monitor this election, the government will cooperate with the Azad Kashmir Election Commission in accordance with the constitution and law, government employees are a tool of any party in the election. Don’t be a car, if someone does that he won’t be able to escape. No one can separate PML-N from politics. We stand firm with the statement of Mian Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif is our benefactor who has done good to the people of Azad Kashmir and the people of Azad Kashmir are not unfaithful. I will come and no one can tempt us.

He expressed these views while addressing the budget session of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly. Raja Mohammad Farooq Haider Khan said that PML-N will form the government in Azad Kashmir again. He regretted the way people are being divided into communities to win the elections at present. What could be more foolish than inviting him? I was asked to remove the word “free”, what could that mean? Kashmiris had decided their future with the Quaid-e-Azam. “We are Pakistanis of our own free will.” “Employees of the Kashmir Council used to take our salaries from our taxes and show us their eyes. A joint secretary would cancel the decisions of our Supreme Court,” he said. We called for hydel projects to be run off the river and opposed diversion. Today, the PML-N government formed as a result of the 2016 fair and transparent elections is presenting its final budget. 

When we took over the government, we set our three priorities: the Kashmir Independence Movement, good governance and development. In addition, we set targets for improving the education system, building infrastructure, health and other areas and ensuring their implementation. Governments are the continuity of governments. Only those who maintain the continuity of policies are successful. We have ensured smooth implementation of all the projects given in the last budget of the previous government. He said that due to the economic policies of our government, today we have a huge amount of Rs. 10 billion in the treasury. We have deposited Rs. 5 billion in Kashmir Bank so that it can be made a scheduled bank soon. When this scheduled bank is formed, capital will come to Azad Kashmir from abroad, which will be a precursor to a relatively economic revolution. 

He said that after the education department, we have implemented NTS in all the departments from grade seven to scale 15 so that in future no one Candidates could not blackmail or deceive people on jobs. This step will also be the basis of fair and transparent elections. We have included Rs. 1 billion in the budget for internship programs for M.Phil, Ph.D. Making the end of prophethood a part of the constitution of Azad Kashmir is the greatest achievement of our government. “If my lawyer is financially strong, he will be able to represent me better,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir said that Pervez Musharraf spoiled our case and betrayed the Kashmiris. We have full confidence in the people of Pakistan, they stand with us today as they did on the first day, we still have no grievances with them, we are also grateful to the forces of Pakistan who sacrificed for us. The Prime Minister said that the risk allowance of police personnel has been increased by 50 per cent in the budget, educated unemployed youth will be employed and they will be taken on internship in government departments. 70 crore has been allocated for the construction of Hydel Project at Chham in Jhelum Valley while Rs. 60 crore has been allocated for Nardjiyan Hydel Project. These include the construction and upgrading of basic health centers, the establishment of new subdivisions and other public projects. He said that the state has vast potential for tourism and hydel. 

We have also set up more hydel projects on our own, improved the power transmission system, installed new transformers and improved recovery. Consistency of policies leads to results, we have largely ensured the achievement of goals.

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