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Kashmiris celebrate India’s Independence Day as a black day, APHC


(Kashmiris celebrate India’s Independence Day as a black day, APHC)

Srinagar (Azadi Times – Latest Kashmir News- Online. August 13, 2022) Leaders of the All-Party Hurriyat Conference in India’s illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir have urged the people of the occupied area to observe India’s Independence Day on August 15 as a black day. 

Celebrate as an effective message to India that Kashmiris reject its illegal occupation of their motherland. Illegally detained Vice Chairman of All-Party Hurriyat Conference, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, in the infamous New Delhi In a message released from Tihar jail and released in Srinagar, India is an oppressor that has deprived millions of Kashmiris of their basic rights. He said that India has no legal or moral right to celebrate its Independence Day because it has forcibly occupied our land. 

He said that India’s illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir is against international laws and UN resolutions. It is a clear violation. He said that India, which claims to be a democratic country, is treating Kashmiris like slaves. He further said that Kashmir has been turned into a big prison where Kashmiris are living without rights. Shabbir Ahmad Shah reiterated his determination to take the freedom movement to its logical conclusion and said that those days are long gone. 

Not when Kashmiris will get freedom. Hurriyat Conference leaders Chaudhry Shaheen Iqbal, Hakeem Abdul Rasheed, Ghulam Nabi War, Advocate Shafiqur Rehman, Advocate Isra, and Aqib Wani said in a joint statement that India is a fascist state which has no moral right to celebrate its Independence Day. Criticizing the Indian government’s Har Ghar Taranga (Indian flag at every home) campaign, he said that it is morally bankrupt of India that it has no shame in forcing people to hoist its flag and sing the national anthem. 

He said that Kashmiris have neither accepted the Indian occupation nor have they ever hoisted the Indian flag on their own land, on the contrary, they proudly display the Pakistani flag. Bashir Andrabi said that India has no right to celebrate its Independence Day in Jammu and Kashmir because it is oppressive. He said that the Kashmiri people have been celebrating India’s Independence Day as a black day for the past seven decades and will do the same this time on August 15. 

He said that India has shown the Kashmiris their right to the world. He promised to give the right to self-determination but later backtracked on his promise. He said that India’s stubbornness is the biggest obstacle in solving the Kashmir issue. 

Jammu-based All-Party Hurriyat Conference leader, Advocate Devendra Singh Bahl. said in a statement that India, which presents itself as the so-called largest democracy in the world, has no right to celebrate Independence Day because it has suppressed the right of Kashmiris to freedom on the bill of force. 

Expressing that India wants to instill patriotism and loyalty towards India in the minds of the people of the disputed area at the point of a gun and wants to force the people of the area to hoist the Indian flag on their houses but it should know that this Such measures will not change the ground realities of the disputed area. He further said that forcefully hoisting the Indian flag in the disputed area will not change the hearts and minds of those who have made immense sacrifices for their freedom.

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