Thursday, September 29, 2022

Kashmiris Will not accept Musharraf or Imran’s formula Azad Kashmir, PM

MUZAFFARABAD: – (Reporting Team) I have been talking about the rights of Kashmiris. I am not afraid of anyone.

The state subject of Kashmiris is in danger at the moment. I will do my best for protection. I will not accept any Musharraf or Imran formula. Kashmiris inherit the blood of millions of martyrs, martyrs will not accept any betrayal with the blood of Kashmir, one day the blood of martyrs of Kashmir will surely come color, the next government will not form a Muslim League in Azad Kashmir, do not test my Pakistaniness I will not let my personal and family capitalism on Pakistan go in vain. 

For 3 years, Neelam Jhelum’s file has been on Imran Khan’s table. Despite repeated calls for attention, no response has been received. The decision will be taken according to the UN resolutions and the will of the Kashmiri people. These views were expressed by the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan at a press conference at the Central Chamber of Press along with PML-N Murtaza Gilani and Raja Imdad Ali Tariq.

Addressing the gathering, whether the government advisor Imdad Ali Khan Tariq on the occasion nominated the party candidate Announcing his support, Harpur said that he himself was a candidate for the ticket. He also disagreed with the decision of the party but the party has to cover itself. Nawaz Sharif and Farooq Haider will respond to every call, said Assembly candidate Syed Murtaza Gilani. 

I am thankful to Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan who gave me the ticket. I will fulfill my commitment to the party till my last breath. Addressing on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that PTI is the most unpopular party in Pakistan due to its poor performance and turning a blind eye to national issues. This is a continuation of the shocking defeat in successive by-elections in Pakistan. PTI and Imran Khan will continue in Azad Kashmir. What the people have done is that the people should vote for them. The situation is different inside Azad Kashmir. 

They will form a government after winning the seats of Azad Kashmir and the refugees by a landslide. Lachhraat PML-N ticket in the interest of the party “I am grateful to all the party workers and leaders who have pledged to work together and listen to me. It will have a very positive impact within the constituency,” he said. “Everyone has unanimously reiterated to strengthen Murtaza Gilani’s hand.” I am especially grateful to Imdad Ali Tariq and his colleagues for not disappointing the party leadership and for announcing their full support to Murtaza Gilani. The way back for those who have fled the days of change in Pakistan. In any case, their politics is over. The people will reject them.

 In order to alleviate the deprivations of Lachhrat, the one who is represented in the government does not have the capacity to solve the problems of the people. A large number of PML-N workers were present on the occasion.

A large number of workers including MSF President Syed Ghazanfar Ali Shah, Syed Mehr Ali Gilani, Raja Abdul Basit, Iqbal Abbasi, Munir Satti, Yasir Mughal and Hamid Kazmi took a decision on the occasion. Meanwhile, Constituency No. 7 in honor of Azad Kashmir Prime Minister and PML-N President Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan. 

The Qurashi community gave a reception on the occasion. Apart from a large number of people belonging to constituencies number six and seven, the local leadership of PML-N was also present on the occasion. Announcing that they are residing in Pakistan for business and employment, people are helpless and want to get rid of Imran Khan as soon as possible.

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