Thursday, September 29, 2022

Leepa Valley political and social figures have leveled the harshest allegations against DFO Jhelum Valley and demanded his removal and a high-level inquiry into the incident


(Photo: Rtd professor Muhammad Maqbool Sheikh with social and political figures while addressing press conference at district press club Hattian Bala)

Hatian Bala: (Azadi Times) Political and social figure (R) Professor Muhammad Maqbool Sheikh have leveled the strongest allegations against DFO Jhelum Valley and dismissed him and demanded a high level investigation into the incident:

[Azadi Times]: Addressing an emergency press conference at District Press Club Hatian Bala, President of PTI Trading Wing District Jhelum Valley Sheikh Waqar, President of Sheikh Welfare Association Tehsil Hatian Bala Sheikh Khatib, (R) Lecturer Muhammad Maqbool Sheikh, Barkat Sheikh, Bilal Sheikh, Sheikh Kamil Din and others further said that DFO Jhelum Valley is a very immoral and disrespectful person. Withdraw additional charge of Jhelum Valley from DFO Arshad Khan and appoint an honest, conscientious officer in Jhelum Valley as DFO. It is unbearable to be posted here anymore. 

Leepa Valley resident (R) Lecturer Muhammad Maqbool Sheikh said that DFO Jhelum Valley Instead of listening to the five people who went to Munir Khan Forster’s residence to meet me on the ED quota issue, they insulted us naked while intoxicated. Rescued DFO has been present in Lipa Valley since 23rd February and kept pressuring us for consent but they did not accept our principled position due to which we did not agree with them. “We have been saying since February 23 that the DFO has been abusing us and using immoral language,” said Mohammad Maqbool Sheikh. 

Besides, they tried to attack us but the authorities did not take any action on our statements. There was no bitter rhetoric. Propaganda against DFO on the personal obstinacy of Hitian Bala. In addition to defaming Lepa Valley, we are grateful to the print media and the journalists of Hatia Bala who stood by us against oppression. Muhammad Maqbool Sheikh added that the Minister of Education, Chief Secretary and IG Azad Kashmir The DFO has resorted to clever tactics to suppress others, including me. The registration of the case against me is the result of confusion. 

We are not afraid of lawsuits and arrests. We will respond with bricks and stones and will not refrain from the strongest protests. In the meantime, the responsibility for any damage will be placed on the forest officials and the Jhelum Valley administration. Despite the fact that it has been in print and on social media since then, the silence of the authorities and the DFO’s request for action against us is a clear indication that DFO Jhelum Valley Muhammad Maqbool Sheikh added that the police have resorted to clever tactics to hide. He should also file an immediate case against the DFO on my application. Now the scale of patience is full. Now any kind of injustice and oppression will not be tolerated. He said that I have registered the case. I have obtained interim bail from the court. Full justice is expected from the court. Sheikh Maqbool also said that a high level investigation should be carried out as to why DFO resides in Munir Forster’s house despite being a VIP guest house and employee of the forest. 

Investigate the fire. There was no electricity in the office and it was said that the office was reduced to ashes due to short circuit. Sheikh Waqar, President, PTI Trading Wing, Jhelum Valley District Jhelum Valley district is a backward district. The problems of Jhelum Valley are very high. One day one has to meet the administrative head of some department in connection with his work. There is a DFO in which there is no such thing as humanity and distinction. 

There is no way to talk about it. The Minister of Forests wants to take extra charge of the district DFO on the basis of his influence. What is the compulsion of the Minister of Forests who has given additional charge to Arshad Khan and there is no other officer available here who has imposed such an outspoken and rude man on the residents of Hatia Bala who has recently visited Lepa Valley.

 I not only insulted an elderly retired professor Sheikh Maqbool, but also filed a false FIR against him through his agent Munir at Lepa police station. What did this servant do to the food delegation the day before? If this attitude towards a teacher What will be his attitude towards the common poor man? Education Minister Diwan Ali Chughtai and other officials are appealed to take back the charge of Jhelum Valley from DFO Arshad Khan before any major tragedy occurs in Jhelum Valley. Responsible officer should be posted in Jhelum Valley district on regular basis.

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