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Mirpur: Youth Injured After Getting Entangled in Cable TV Wire

Mirpur AJKMirpur: Youth Injured After Getting Entangled in Cable TV Wire

Mirpur: Ali Qadir, a hardworking young man, faced a horrifying ordeal while commuting from Mirpur to Mangla. He got entangled in a hanging cable TV wire while riding his motorcycle, causing him to fall to the ground and suffer injuries.

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Eyewitnesses reported that Ali Qadir was seen writhing in pain after the accident. Promptly, other workers present at the scene, who were engaged in late-night cable repair work, rushed to his aid. They immediately transferred the severely injured young man to a government hospital for medical treatment.

Later, upon receiving initial medical assistance, Ali Qadir was discharged from the hospital and sent back home. However, his condition remains critical, raising concerns among his family and community members.

According to details, the cable is owned by a local resident named Sharif, who operates under the name “A TO Z Cable” in the Chatter Mangla area. Ali Qadir, son of Muhammad Younis, a resident of Sab Check, Mangla, was returning home after completing his tailoring work at the Mall Plaza when the incident occurred.

Witnesses reported that the negligence of the cable workers, who were operating without proper safety measures, led to the hanging wire entangling Ali Qadir. As a result, he fell to the ground, resembling a fish out of water, before being rushed to the nearby hospital.

It is pertinent to mention that several incidents involving cable workers have resulted in fatalities due to the lack of safety precautions and awareness about the dangers associated with cable operations. The community demands swift action from the authorities to prevent such accidents in the future and ensure the safety of citizens.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of implementing proper safety protocols and raising awareness among cable operators and workers to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

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