Saturday, October 1, 2022

Pakistan-Administered Kashmir is suffering from severe financial crisis, PM admits

                           Muzaffarabad (Azadi Times – Latest News) Prime Minister of Pakistan-administrated Kashmir so-called Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan has said that we are not asking for our rights, the PML-N government is not treating us well. 

I salute Raja Farooq Haider Khan once again on the thirteenth amendment, the aim of the tourism authority is to make investment possible through one window operation. 

They are serious about the municipal elections, but they will decide what the system will be. Azad Kashmir. 

I will not compromise the self-respect of the people, as long as I am sitting, I will live with honor and dignity and I will not compromise on the honor of the people of this region. Azad Kashmir is suffering from

financial crisis, we have our right. If it is given, it will be better, it should not be considered a beggar. 

During a conversation with journalists at the Prime Minister’s House in the capital, Muzaffarabad, Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that through the thirteenth amendment in the Interim Constitution Act of Azad Kashmir, 1974, during the rule of PML-N. The courage and perseverance shown by the then Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan On this, I salute him once again, I have already saluted him by acknowledging his services in the Legislative Assembly. 

I have also said that we have an innocent desire that the number of ministers should be increased so that all the members in the parliamentary party get an opportunity to serve the people. 16 ministries are not enough for 24 departments, the previous government itself ruled with 25 ministers. And set a limit of 16 ministries for us which is unfair. We are supporters of 15th amendment to the extent of increasing the number of ministers. The negative propaganda of 15th amendment on social media is a mental innovation of certain elements who want to use the region for their nefarious purposes. 

They want to create unrest and political chaos inside. Who made the non-paper draft viral and who did it is known to all. It is not correct in any case. Muslim League-N federal government of Azad Kashmir We are being forced to raise our voice. According to the 2018 fiscal agreement, Azad Kashmir should get 3.6% share from federal taxes. Since we are not part of the finance commission, no one is listening to us. According to the agreed principle, we should get 75 billion, but till date we have not received 75 billion. 

Now we have to get 225 billion rupees, so far not a penny has been released. The government of Azad Kashmir has written a request to the federal government to release our funds, but we have received a written request. It has been said to meet the expenses from our own resources. While the old projects started in Azad Kashmir by the federal government have also been put under the responsibility of Azad Kashmir government. What do we want to get from Azad Kashmir government through financial pressure? Go, there will be no compromise on rights. 

As long as the Prime Minister is there, there will be no compromise on the rights and self-respect of the people. We are not beggars to go and beg for funds with federal ministers, we are asking for our rights, not forced. Demands through public power.

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