Thursday, September 29, 2022

Police operation to open Ghazi Millat highway, protesters climb mountains


(Exclusive image Protest at Thorar)


RAWALAKOT – The Ghazi Millat highway from Rawalakot to Rawalpindi, which was blocked by the protesters from Thorar Cross (Khadbazar) on Tuesday morning:


Azadi Times: Protestors refused to open the road after negotiations with the administration failed, after which the police Under the supervision of the magistrate, charged the protesters with sticks and removed the obstacles from the road and opened the road for traffic, but the confrontation between the protesters and the police continues. 


Later, the protestors will climb the mountains from where traffic could not be restored despite the road being opened due to stone pelting. 


To withdraw the IR against whom the cases of blocking the road were registered during the last protest and to withdraw the tax from the electricity bill. The situation is still tense at the spot

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