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PPP Leaders Trade Barbs in Azad Kashmir

NewsPPP Leaders Trade Barbs in Azad Kashmir

Muzaffarabad: (Azadi Times) The two senior leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in Azad Kashmir, Mushtaq Minhas, and Sahibzada Muhammad Ashfaq Zafar, have traded barbs in the wake of the recent elections.

Minhas, who was defeated in the elections, has been using abusive language against the PPP leadership, including President Asif Ali Zardari. Zafar has condemned Minhas’ language and has demanded that he apologize.

Speaking to journalists in Hattian Bala, Zafar said that Minhas’ language does not befit any political worker. “After the defeat, Minhas is constantly using market language against the leadership of the People’s Party, which is unbearable for the workers of the People’s Party,” he said.

Zafar said that Minhas’ language is not even used by an uneducated person. “When the PPP workers come out, then Minhas will not even have a place to hide his face,” he said.

Zafar also questioned Minhas’ achievements as a politician. “What are they themselves and what have they done for the people of Bagh?” he asked. “All the construction and development took place during the era of Sardar Qamar-ul-Zaman,” he said.

Minhas has not yet responded to Zafar’s allegations.

The dispute between Minhas and Zafar is a reflection of the deep divisions within the PPP in Azad Kashmir. The party has been out of power in the region for the past two terms and is struggling to regain its lost ground.

The dispute is also a reminder of the importance of civility in political discourse. The use of abusive language can only serve to divide people and make it more difficult to find common ground.

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