Saturday, October 1, 2022

Reorganization of the UKPNP UK Zone


(Member on the UKPNP while taking the oath)

London (Azadi Times) United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP) UK zone newly elected cabinet has been reconstituted

According to President Sardar Tariq Khan, Senior Vice President Sardar Aftab Khan, and First Vice President Aftab Ahmad Rehan. Second Vice President Muhammad Shafiq Khan, Vice President SWIM Syed Muneeb Al Hasan – Fourth Vice President Sajjad Hussain, Organizer: Gul Zaman, Deputy Organizer Sajid Khan, General Secretary Raja Sarfaraz, Deputy Secretary Barkatul Hasan, Finance Secretary I Musa Sadiq, Secretary Finance II.

Sardar Ejaz, Information Secretary Sardar Tikka Khan Tahir In-charge Study Circle Farooq Nazir, Zonal Spokesman Qamar Khalil Farhana Asif in charge of women’s affairs, Liaison Secretary: Ali Abbas, Media and Press Coordinator Kashif Abbasi will be selected. Party’s Central Secretary for Foreign Affairs Jameel Maqsood will be selected by the newly elected President Sardar Tariq Khan and General Secretary Raja Sarfaraz and all Cabinet members. 

He said in his message that all the international organizations of the party, including the British organization, have a very important responsibility in these situations. You have to go ahead and lobby international organizations about the events taking place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Britain has considerable influence in the South Asian region and now is the time for the party to play an active role in Britain. Jameel Maqsood said that the federal government of Pakistan wants to divide this region and integrate it into Pakistan through the controversial Tourism Act and the fifteenth amendment. If the two controversial acts are not withdrawn, there will be dire consequences. 

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