Monday, September 26, 2022

Skardu: Shortage of petrol has become a nightmare

Skardu (Daily AMV Tribune): Shortage of petrol has become a nightmare for the people, traffic jams in front of petrol pumps for two hours daily have become normal, tourists, passengers and citizens have become helpless with traffic jams, citizens say the fruits of eliminating bulk depots:

The public is finding that traffic jams have become commonplace at different times of the day due to long lines of vehicles in front of various petrol pumps. If there was a bulk depot, this would not have been the case, he said.

 It is seen on a daily basis that the administration of Skardu seems to have completely failed to alleviate the shortage of petrol. 

He said that no tourist would visit Baltistan in the near future. He said that Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan, Governor Gilgit-Baltistan should take note of the problems of the people and issue instructions to keep abundant petrol in all petrol pumps of Baltistan including Skardu. 

The people could avoid getting fed up with daily traffic jams and petrol

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