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Sucess Story Of Jas Queen Kour; Renowed Kashmiri Actor/Dancer, Musician Director, Fusion Dance And Fittnes Studio


photo: Jas Queen Kour

Jasleen Kour,  professionally known as Jas Queen Kour, is an actor based in Jammu and Kashmir. Jas Queen Kour is running a Dance institute that is providing a platform to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir talent with his staff in his organization.

 Jasleen Kaur Jas Queen Kour hails from Jammu, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. She runs a dance institute in Jammu and Kashmir where she is showcasing the lovely talent of Jammu and Kashmir. How did she get this strange logic in her career? We will show you later how they chose to stick to what they thought. I believe that Jammu and Kashmir are an inspiration to the women who are worried about their empowerment because Jas Queen Kour Has done what not everyone can do. Jasleen Corps has decided to walk a path that requires a path that we can walk on, but it is not ours. Purpose The world of entertainment, we all listen to songs, we watch movies, but these movies we watch in another country, in which the culture of this country is shown, the character of this country is shown, the people of this country are shown. The situation is shown and the people of Jammu and Kashmir also see the same situation. They do not have any channel of their own. Don’t stop, there is no film industry in which they can promote their culture and make their songs their own system in their film but this step of Jasleen Court is giving hope to many people that now the people of Jammu and Kashmir have their own. Filmmakers will enjoy their songs and their music, not anyone else’s 

The beginning of life

  Jas Queen Kour Basic from Jammu Born in Jammu and Kashmir, she received her secondary education from a school in Jammu. She was awarded a gold medal in a dance competition in Chandigarh, Punjab in 2017, as well as higher education. 

She has recently started her own institution in Jammu and Kashmir, Jasleen Court, to cater to the emerging talent of Jammu and Kashmir. Desperate to provide a platform, he said in his interview that it was very difficult for him to do so in the current conditions of society, but he also said that he paid for many difficult situations. Blogging with a public sector family but she didn’t care about anything for her career. Now she is a director of an organization.

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