Saturday, October 1, 2022

The entire crusher plant in the garden will be sealed

Bagh (Dharti News) According to a court order, the administration of Bagh district has sealed all the crusher plants to be installed in Bagh district. They will be installed on the banks of the Mahal, at that time a discount was given for the installation of these plants under certain conditions, so we will install them on a permanent basis later, and the need for construction works is being met with these plants in at least two districts. Now the court has questioned the pollution caused by these plants and has said that these plants will be installed illegally due to which pollution is being created in these areas. tried, but they are being run again. On Monday, Assistant Commissioner Bagh Benish Jaral sealed these plants along with the police force. The people related to this business say that sealing is not the solution to the problem because this business Hundreds of people are involved, other government and non-government construction works will also be affected. The government should give a formula to follow We can make it better.

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