The first decade of Ramadan


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The first ten days of Ramadan

Writing! Syed Muhammad Ishaq Naqvi

There are five pillars of the religion of Islam, among them fasting is the third pillar, and it is a duty on every sane Muslim man and woman. Allah Almighty said in verse number 581 of Surah Al-Baqarah in the second part of his holy book, Surah Al-Baqarah, translation: “The month of Ramadan” Blessed is the Noble One who revealed the Holy Qur’an, which is a guidance for the people, a clear proof of the right path and the difference between truth and falsehood, so whoever observes this month should fast it, and whoever is sick or If he is on a journey, after he recovers from illness and returns home from the journey, he should count the same number of days and fast from the other days. There should be no shortage and on the divine guidance of this good method, describe the majesty of Allah and His greatness and be thankful for His blessings, the problems of illness and travel can be inquired from your nearest scholars (from Hazrat Salman Farsi). It is narrated that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) preached to us on the last day of Sha’ban, “O people, the month of blessing, greatness and mercy is coming to you, this is the month of bodies for one night. It is better than a thousand months, the fasting of this month has been made obligatory on you by Allah, the fasting of its nights (i.e. performing taraweeh and nawafil in addition to the duties) is a reward and a reward, which is a good deed in it. If he performs Nafl Ibadah, it is as if he performed a duty in another month, and whoever performs one duty, then he is like one who performed seventy duties in one day. This is the month of patience, and the reward of patience is Paradise. And in this month the sustenance of the believer is increased, in the name of which the fasting person breaks his fast, his sins will be forgiven and his neck will be freed from Hellfire. that the person who fasts will get it, while there will be no reduction in the reward of the person who fasts. This reward will also be given to the person who makes the fasting person break his fast with a sip of milk or a date or a sip of water. K He will not be thirsty until he enters Paradise. This is the month whose first part is mercy and whose middle is forgiveness and whose last part is freedom from hell. If I reduce it and reduce it, then Allah will forgive him and free him from hell (this blessed hadith has been quoted by Imam Bahiqi in his book). The first ten days of this holy month means the first ten days. It is beginning, which the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) has declared as mercy, from the first fast to the tenth fast, these are the days of full mercy. Yes, but in these first ten days of Ramadan, the mercy of Allah is in full swing, it is not like springs and wells, but like rivers and seas, now it depends on how much he can take. As much as one who asks for it will receive it, in order to benefit from the grace and blessings of God, it is necessary to keep one’s mind, i.e. heart, clean along with the cleanliness of one’s body. To be purified, a person’s body and clothes are purified with water, and the inside of a person is purified with forgiveness and repentance. Therefore, we have to purify our inner cleanliness, that is, our heart, so that this mercy-filled usher can be purified with external cleanliness. In these ten days of Ramadan, in addition to duties and obligations, Nawafil and especially Taraweeh should also be arranged, the Holy Quran should be recited in the morning and evening, Durood Sharif should be recited frequently, and mercy Dua should be made with the words, (Rabbi yighafir wa rahman wa anat khair rahmeen, Allahum ani asilak min fazlik wa rahmatik, ya Allah ya Rahman ya Rahim) May Allah grant us the guidance.

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