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The Smart School Hattian Bala Campus organized a grand function on Annual Results and Parents Day


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Hattian Bala () The Smart School Hattian Bala campus organized a grand celebration on annual results and parents’ day in which children surprised the audience by presenting colorful programs. Deputy Commissioner Jhelum Valley Syed Fida Hussain Kazmi was the chief guest of the ceremony, while Dr. Qazi Zulfikar Ali Awan, MD of the institution presided over the ceremony. , Tahira Jabeen Principal Higher Secondary School Langarpura, Retired Principal Raja Shaukat Ali Khan, Syed Noor Mohammad Shah, Munir Khan DSP Jhelum Valley, Syed Mukhtar Gilani, Dr. Arshad Khan, besides dignitaries of the area and a large number of students’ parents participated. of On this occasion, the children won the hearts of the audience by presenting colorful tableaus, national anthems, songs, sketches and other items. Well done. The children got everyone’s attention and appreciation by performing karate.
Speaking at the event, Deputy Commissioner Syed Fida Hussain Kazmi, SP Jhelum Valley Khurram Iqbal, MD Institute Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Qazi, Professor Raja Shaukat Ali Khan, Syed Noor Muhammad, Tahira Jabeen Principal Higher Secondary School Langarpura, Saima Nazir Abbasi Principal Higher Secondary School. School Khulana, Aram Bibi, Sajjad Abbasi and others said that The Smart School Hattian Bala Campus has done a great favor by establishing a campus in Hattian Bala. Hattian Bala is a new district and it was in dire need of such institutions, but due to problems and lack of resources, it is quite a difficult task to establish such international institutions. Bala has been made equal to educational institutions like Muzaffarabad and Islamabad. Now the child of Hattian Bala is also competing with the child of Muzaffarabad and Islamabad. Smart School Hattian Bala has that educational environment which is not found in big educational institutions. In Smart School, it is worth mentioning that Smart Board Flexi Master, and the presence of all materials and international level labs with reference to practical work according to modern education. Education is the legacy of the Prophets, those nations developed in the world who were adorned with the jewel of education, it is very important to have secular education as well as religious education. In The Smart School, special attention is also given to this aspect and a regular system of Quran memorization is established. He also talked about the existing defects and emphasized that the nations who value their representatives have been ruling the world in all eras and those who did not value their representatives remained subjugated. Qazi Zulfiqar Ali Khan said that earning money is not my aim, Hattian Bala is my home, it was my duty to serve it, Allah has given me a lot, public service is my first priority. For 30 years, I have been serving in the social sector in the country, in which education is the most important. The people of Hattian Bala owed me this debt, which I tried to repay. This institution is the people’s institution, not mine. The public should also criticize positively for the improvement of this institution, but do not be discouraged. The international standard school was run only with the support of the public. This is not possible without public support.
Finally, the result was announced. The result of the institution was 100%. Prizes and shields were distributed among the position holder children.

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