Monday, September 26, 2022

Tourism Festival deep conspiracy against Kashmir Freedom Movement, Islamic values ​​and religion of Islam: Religious Parties

(The leaders of religion parties addressing press conference in District Press Club Hattian Bala)

HATTIAN BALA: The religious parties of Jhelum Valley district Hattian Bala announced a protest to stop the musical concert, calling the ongoing tourism festival a deep conspiracy against the freedom movement of Kashmir, Islamic values and the religion of Islam. 

AZADI TIMES – Addressing a crowded emergency press conference in District Press Club Hattian Bala, the leaders of religious parties of Jhelum Valley, Altaf Hussain Siddiqui, Syed Ali Asghar Kazmi, Raja Nazakat Ali Khan, Masroor Zafar condemned the martyrdom of Kashmir’s martyrs for the tourism festival. 

In order to create and make India happy, he declared obscenity, nudity, singing and dancing in the name of tourism festival as conspiracies. were also present. 

The leaders of the religious parties further said that under no circumstances can violation of Islamic values be allowed, nor can distortion be created in the Islamic society. 

It was for which decisions were taken by taking the leaderships of political and religious parties and public leaders of Jhelum Valley Hattian Bala into confidence, but by declaring a single person as the owner of black and white, Islamic values, civilization, society and Kashmir were destroyed. 

The organizers and administrators in making the religious culture so oppressive, and even more so in the government’s headship, those who make the honor and dignity of women a symbol of obscenity and nudity by violating the morals of the government, should immediately end this program. 

Otherwise, they will protest in such a way that history will be made, neither the law and order situation will be created nor the highways will be closed nor the culture of indecency will develop. The programs spreading the virus should be stopped. 

He said that every day in Occupied Kashmir They are martyred, the crimes of women are being denounced, dancing, obscenity is being promoted in the base camp of Tehreek-e-Azad-Kashmir and gateway to Kashmir in Jhelum Valley Hattian Bala district and the young generation is being promoted from Tehreek-e-Azad-e-Kashmir

In order to remove Islamic values and to promote the culture of rudeness and bad language, measures have been taken in the leadership of the government. 

Will you show your face on this occasion Syed Ali Asghar Shah Kazmi announced and said that I am also Syed, from today the division of Sunni, Barelvi, Deobandi and Shia has been erased on this platform while holding the rope of Islam are that if non-Sharia values are not immediately sacked, children of Muslims are ready to lay down their lives for the Muhammadan Shari’ah, may God bless him and grant him peace. 

They declare their full support for the alliance that they have made and every vanguard of their movement will take bullets The sticks are here to bear the sticks. 

This movement is purely a movement of Islamic decency. They will die for it and thwart the conspiracy against the Islamic system and society, who have adopted the agenda of non-Muslims. And they are doing good programs, they should reform themselves and repent and ask for forgiveness. 

They also want to convince the government that they should also consider their patronage, for whom the funds have been given or given. 

The leaders of Islamic Youth are the supporters of Islamic youth. No one can be allowed to take action against Islamic civilization and Islamic society and Shariah.

They will be raised and supported, the history of Kashmir and Kashmir tourist places were highlighted in the tourism festival and the Islamic way of society was promoted, if the young generation was associated with the history of Kashmir, the importance would have become clear. 

To fill the funds of government institutions also against Sharia culture They have been used to promote. And looting is being done by spreading obscenity and nudity, which we strongly condemn.

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