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Islamabad: Pakistan Government’s Decision to Deport Illegal Afghan Residents


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Islamabad (Azadi Times): The federal government of Pakistan has taken a decision to combat terrorism, crimes, dollar smuggling, drug trafficking, and other illicit activities by rounding up approximately 1.1 million illegally residing Afghan nationals in the country.

According to Pakistani media reports, the federal cabinet has given approval to a plan aimed at deporting illegally residing Afghan citizens. In the first phase, individuals who are residing illegally and have not renewed their visas will be expelled from the country.

In subsequent phases, Afghan nationals without legal citizenship and those holding Proof of Residence (PoR) cards will also be deported.

Illegally residing Afghan citizens have been found involved in activities such as terrorism, dollar smuggling, drug trafficking, and the smuggling of Chinese goods according to Pakistani media.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior prepared the plan in consultation with all stakeholders, including the Afghan government.

It is worth noting that after the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in 2021, around 400,000 Afghan nationals illegally entered Pakistan.

Pakistani media also cited that the illegally residing foreign nationals pose a significant security threat to Pakistan, with illegally residing Afghan citizens being linked to terrorist groups and also found involved in funding and facilitating criminal activities.

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