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Jennifer Aniston appears to be fitness diva in new sizzling workout video


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Jennifer Aniston put her chiseled abs and enviable figure on display as she shared her new sizzling video on Tuesday.

Hollywood’s ageless beauty appeared to be fitness diva she flaunted her curves and ageless beauty in skinny outfit.

Jennifer Aniston appears to be fitness diva in new sizzling workout video

The “Friends” alum left fans in awe as uploaded her sizzling video to Instagram on Tuesday. The actress has also announce huge career move.

In the clip, the 54-year-old can be seen wearing just a sports top and leggings as she flaunted her toned figure, announcing “officially part of the @pvolve fam” which is a fitness studio in New York and online.

The actress captioned the breathtaking video: “I’m officially part of the @pvolve fam SO proud to support our female founder and the beyond talented trainers.”

She continued: “This is one of my favorite workouts… and I’m so grateful for the team and excited for what’s to come.”

Aniston’s fans could not stop themselves flocking to the comments sections to gush over their favourite star with one saying: “You’re THE cutest”.

Another wrote: “Good Lord Jennifer, how can you get prettier and prettier with time?”

“Are you kidding me?? You can’t be 54 years old!!!,” the third one commented.

Jennifer, in an interview, asked her fans to be kinder to their bodies, saying: “I like to find something that really works and then share it with my girlfriends. If I had known about it 20 years ago when I was breaking my body to begin with, we would’ve saved so much pain.”

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