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A Very Important United Nations Resolution On The Issue Of State Jammu & Kashmir – Article by Atif Maqbool Kashmiri Youth Politician

(edit by Aatii Khan)

The resolution was passed in the United Nations on April 21, 1948. It was a Security Council resolution. Remember the resolution of the Commission is different and this resolution of the Security Council is different. This resolution must be understood separately from the first resolution of the United Nations Commission on India and Pakistan passed on 13 August 1948. 

The Security Council, in a resolution adopted on April 21, 1948, instructed the Commission to go to the region to restore peace between the two countries and to make arrangements for an UN-sponsored referendum. This was the third Security Council resolution on Jammu and Kashmir. Approved with a complete roadmap correction following India’s request for Pakistan’s expulsion to the United Nations. India had taken the position that if Pakistan did not stop interfering in the affairs of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India would have to attack Pakistan to end the insurgency – when the United Nations began discussions at India’s request. 

The dispute was dubbed the “Kashmir Question” but Pakistan objected that the Kashmir issue was, in fact, an aspect of the wider Pak-India dispute, so the debate should be titled “India-Pakistan Dispute”. – Following this Pakistani objection, the United Nations changed the title of the issue and declared the issue to be an India-Pakistan conflict. – The United Nations adopted the first resolution on 17 January 1948, urging Pakistan and India to resolve the dispute peacefully. To be done – then on 20 January 1948 the Security Council passed another resolution setting up a commission to investigate the matter and settle the dispute between the parties – but the Security Council passed a formal resolution on 21 April regarding the Pakistan-India dispute. Passed in 1948, it is very important.

 The UN Security Council, in its third resolution, called for the withdrawal of all troops from Pakistan and the reduction of troops from India – a resolution calling for the return of all refugees, the release of political prisoners, and the future of the state.

It also called for a referendum to be held under the auspices of the UN Security Council – then on June 3, 1948, the Security Council adopted its fourth resolution endorsing previous resolutions and asking the commission to resume its work – but the UN Security Council Council Resolution No. 47, which was passed unanimously on April 21, 1948. Declares that Pakistan should withdraw all its forces from the state so that the future of the state can be decided according to the wishes of the people of the state by holding a referendum within the state. 

Article 257 of the Constitution of Pakistan also affirms the same purpose of the UN resolutions but Pakistan has never implemented the UN resolutions due to which the issue of the state of Jammu and Kashmir for 75 years. In this whole cycle, both India and Pakistan have found an excuse to destroy the geographical boundaries of the state and the identity of the state. 

Therefore, it is the duty of the people of the state to visit the United Nations on April 21 every year. Remind the member states that the implementation of the Security Council resolution adopted today is essential for the restoration of the basic human and political rights of the 20 million people of the state.

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