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AJK Legislative Assembly Session: Who Said What? | Special Features


(Azad Jammu and Kashmir Assembly)

MUZAFFARABAD – The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly has declared its unanimous resistance against the protection of powers conferred by the Thirteenth Amendment to the Interim Constitution Act, 1974, change in the geographical status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the sale of state resources, the former Pakistani Kashmiri Prime Minister on Friday said.

AZADI TIMES – Concluding the debate on the adjournment motion of Raja Farooq Haider Khan, the government and opposition members have agreed that the right of the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir spread over 84471 square miles to self-determination, including the identity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the increase in the powers of the Azad Kashmir government. 

No pressure will be taken into account for the abolition of the thirteenth amendment passed. Raja Farooq Haider Khan’s adjournment motion was unanimously approved for debate in the House, while discussing in favor of it, former Prime Minister Farooq Haider Khan highlighted the struggle of the establishment of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and the achievement of the current parliamentary system in the light of historical documents. He highlighted and categorically declared that every patriot is a nationalist. 

We should not be taught the nonsense of nationalists and sub-nationalists. Every citizen of Azad Kashmir is loyal to the state of Pakistan. No one has any disagreement with the state of Pakistan, but no one can be allowed to abuse the state of Pakistan in Azad Kashmir. 

The present system is the result of the struggle of the ancestors and the sacrifices of the fathers, which will be protected at all costs. He said that we are not afraid of imprisonment and are not afraid of anyone. The tragedy is that our masters are cowards, the former prime minister told the House that the context of the Azad Kashmir resolution passed in June 1946 was very clear. 

This resolution written by late AR Sagar is a comprehensive document in terms of its text. This resolution was passed by the executive committee of the Muslim Conference, which was supposed to meet in Muzaffarabad, but was shifted to Srinagar due to weather conditions. In this resolution, apart from the accession of India and Pakistan, the option of independence of the state was also considered. It was approved to entrust the departments of communication, foreign affairs to the Assembly of Pakistan. 

The announcement of the establishment of the interim government in 1947, which was published in the official gazette, is also present in Sardar Ibrahim’s book Kashmir Saga. 

Azad Kashmir had to go through a long and patient struggle to reach its present state. An administrative structure came into being in 1950. 

Before that, after the death of Quaid-i-Azam in Karachi in 1949, the Karachi Accord was signed between the Government of Pakistan, the Government of Azad Kashmir and the Muslim Conference. 

He said that regarding the future of the states, if the Maharaja’s accession is correct, then other accessions are also correct. 

History is witness that Azad Kashmir had to do armed rebellion in 1951 and 1955 to get democratic rights. This Constituent Assembly was not achieved by itself. 

In 1952, the Rules of Business were set up in which the role of the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs was added. This was an Article 370-style authority that the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs had to recognize. 

India and Pakistan followed each other on certain issues regarding people’s rights in Occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir. 

In Act 1970, the local body system was introduced, while the State Council was formed, in Act 1974, the Joint Secretary was empowered to nominate the President of Azad Kashmir. 

The giant secretary was a black and white master who could also dismiss the government. The most humiliating thing was done in the 1968 Act, which formally gave Azad Kashmir a status below that of a municipal committee. 

A Local Authority Act of 1897 continued to be referred to for this process. In the All Parties Conference held in Lahore in 1955, then Prime Minister Chaudhry Muhammad Ali who had a good opinion for Kashmiris and in this All Parties Conference Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy called for the establishment of a representative, effective and efficient government within Azad Kashmir. 

A resolution was presented which was seconded by Mumtaz Doultana. 

This resolution was not presented by Azam Nazir Tarar. In opposition to Act 1964 and Act 1968, a tripartite alliance was established in which Sardar Ibrahim, Sardar Abdul Qayyum and KH Khurshid fought and as a result of this struggle, Act 1970 was enacted under which first the Legislative Assembly and then the President of Azad Kashmir. 

The choice was made. On September 5, 1978, under a notification, the Secretary General was made the Chief Secretary in Azad Kashmir. 

Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that our forefathers have seen such a time and environment when a Giant Secretary complained through a letter about late KH Khurshid that Mr. Khurshid was interfering in government affairs. KH Khurshid was the President of Azad Kashmir at that time. 

He said that the meeting of the assembly established in 1970 used to be held in the badminton court. Members of the Assembly were getting Rs 25 per day and Rs 400 per month. 

At that time chairs were rented for 25 paise per day. He said that the purpose of establishing the luxurious building of the Legislative Assembly is to make the destination achieved through struggle worthy of glory. 

These buildings symbolize sovereignty and authority. The Ministry of Kashmir Affairs has always played tricks and overruled the powers through the Kashmir Council. 

Our simple leadership was happy that Bhutto will be the chairman of the Kashmir Council, what are they worried about? Did you know that he will be hanged two years later? Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that there was a time when I used to come across the river Jhelum, I used to see the Board of Excise and Taxation of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council and used to wish that Allah would give me one chance to get rid of it and then Allah gave the opportunity and we took freedom from it. He fought long and patiently for the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. In this regard, I am grateful to Mian Nawaz Sharif, leader of Muslim League-N, then Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and all stakeholders. Azad Kashmir has an elected President and Prime Minister, Supreme Court, people who are running their legs in various issues today were active and kept running.

The Azad Kashmir Assembly cannot amend Article 33 and 56 of the Interim Constitution and has full authority in other matters. Till date, the federal cabinet of Pakistan has not approved the constitutional amendment in Azad Kashmir. 

We were told to sign and see later, so I am not a fool. On this occasion, while waving various documents in the House, he said that he sees a clear difference between Act 74 and the Interim Constitution of 1974. 

Also refer to the Rules of Business 1985 and our Rules of Business. Raja Farooq Haider Khan revealed that he was being forced to include the names of the Chief Secretary and the IG in the constitution to empower them to ban any political figure or party. 

We made a law to register treason cases without Cabinet approval. Earlier, cases of sedition were filed every third day. Khawamkhawa are active in every era. We held a Cabinet meeting and denied any change in the Thirteenth Amendment and issued a formal declaration and took its signature on the Cabinet. 

No one has the authority to change the geographical status of Azad Kashmir. Both countries have recognized this in the Security Council Resolution of 1957. 

The former prime minister said on this occasion, why don’t they come forward openly? Come out and talk and admit that you want to make the Line of Control an international border. You want to make hundred year treaty with India. We didn’t stop you, you can’t stop Kashmiris from their freedom struggle and you can’t end the Kashmir issue as long as a single Kashmiri is alive. Neither this system nor the freedom movement will end. 

Even if it takes ten thousand years, Kashmiris cannot give up their rights. In a meeting in Islamabad on the issue of GB, he categorically said that no Kashmiri leader would sign it.

Even today, similar decisions are being tried by giving different names. We are well wishers of Pakistan and not enemies. They only want to marry and not keep unmarried. Let there be a poll. 

Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that I have spent a very good and honorable time and now there is no desire left. 

Therefore, it has been determined that along with the protection of state identity and public rights, we will resist illegal occupation of state resources. 

When the thirteenth amendment was done, it was asked why you wrote articles instead of sections. Does this pose a threat to the security of Pakistan? It is a universal rule that no body which is not directly elected by the people can legislate. 

Only elected bodies are empowered in financial and administrative matters. Raja Farooq Haider Khan categorically said that under a systematic plan, a tendency to avoid Pakistan is being created within Azad Kashmir, which is a deep conspiracy and who are involved behind it needs to be investigated. 

Addressing the government of Azad Kashmir, he said that what will be achieved by increasing the number of ministers, if there is no authority, then what will be done as a minister. 

If one cannot become a minister, will he die? People’s rights will not be sold. There was no fear of any kind, whatever my property has to be confiscated, I have not bowed down before and I will not bow down now. 

I am bound by oath on many matters, I cannot speak that it will go wrong. I want to write a book and tell the future generations how much this state, institutions and personalities were insulted. The former Prime Minister folded his hands and said that do not accept the Tourism Authority and the Fifteenth Amendment under any circumstances, Azad Kashmir is not for sale.

On this occasion, Farooq Haider said that the famous city of Habib Jalib is a crime against the country. This crime will be committed till the end of life. 

The blood on whose neck is unjust, people will make this decision. You are telling the patriots to be the enemy of the country. God, the mistakes that have been made by us today will be made by everyone tomorrow. 

He said that in my constituency, the community has 1500 votes while the village has only 35 votes, yet the people trusted and made it this far. He revealed that a recording device was found inside the Prime Minister’s House and the Prime Minister’s Office during his tenure and said that when I came to know that this recording was being done, I started speaking loudly and one of the angels said that you They abuse a lot and I said that no one else does such a thing, do not even abuse for the sake of language. He has fulfilled his responsibilities well and has done his part for the restoration of state identity, public rights and powers. 

Before finishing the speech, he recited various poems from Faiz Ahmad Faiz Nisar in Teri Galiya Pe O Watan Ke Jahan,,, It has been a tradition that no one walks with his head raised. Don’t take it, just remember this.

President of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party Hasan Ibrahim fully agreed with Raja Farooq Haider Khan’s speech and announced that if anyone presented any matter inside this House against the acquired powers and state identity, then he could not leave the House wil

The Education Minister Schools Dewan Chaghtai also supported the position of Raja Farooq Haider Khan and said that the ministries will not compromise on state identity, powers and public rights in their place. 

He also paid tribute to Raja Farooq Haider Khan and his team for increasing the powers of the state government through the Thirteenth Amendment. Opposition member Bazal Naqvi also supported the motion presented.

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