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Rajouri History, Latest News, On Rajouri Photos, Rajaouri Pakistan Administrated Kashmir, Rajouri Indian Administrated Jammu and Kashmir

Rajouri History, Latest News On Rajouri, Photos Of Rajouri:

Rajouri Photos

 Rajouri Region A beautiful region of Pirpanjal is called Rajouri. Spread over an area of 1020 square miles, this small abode of 700,000 human beings has an ancient and great history. Like other regions of Pirpanchal, Rajouri has immense beauty in itself. 

 Rajouri is mentioned in ancient history. According to the Mahabharata, this is the kingdom of the distant past Panchala Desh which was located somewhere in the hills of Panchal. Rajouri was also a part of Panchal Naresh which was an According to historians, at the time of Alexander the Great’s invasion, the hill state of Abhisara in Punjab was ruled by Rajouri. This hill state included Poonch, Rajouri, and Bhimber.

  When the Chinese tourist Hyun Sang came to Kashmir in the 7th century AD, he also visited Rajouri. According to him, Rajouri was under the shadow of Kashmir at that time and its name was Rajpuri, meaning the land of kings, while in this region Rajouri was part of Gandhara during the Buddhist civilization which was a civilization from Afghanistan to Tashkent, the second branch of Aryans. Which enters the subcontinent via the Himalayas According to the famous historian Al-Biruni, his name was Raja Veri. In the reign of Junraj, written during the reign of Zain-ul-Abidin Badshah, his name was also Raj. In Punjab, the defeated Pal Shahi Rajas, defeated by Mahmud Ghaznavi, turned to these mountainous areas and became the ruler of the Pal Shahi Raja Rajouri. 
 Raja Nooruddin from Punjab revolted against Amna Pal and seized the power of Rajouri. Rajouri was the first region in the present state of Jammu and Kashmir where the Muslim Empire was founded and this rule of the Jual dynasty continued uninterruptedly for 650 years till 1846 when Maharaja Gulab Singh defeated Raja Rahimullah Khan and transferred Rajouri to Jammu. It was renamed Rampur and then it became part of modern Jammu and Kashmir. During the Dogra period, Rajouri was first a part of Bhimber district then in 1904, Rajouri was given district status. 
 Today’s Rajouri is divided into thirteen tehsils. Rajouri borders Rajouri District Jammu, Reasi, Poonch. Adjacent to Kulgam, Kotli, and Mirpur. 62% of Rajouri’s population is Muslim while 34% is Hindu. Rajouri has some ancient buildings and tourist sites. Rajouri has some Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu shrines. Muslim Sufi Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah Shadra Sharif is a famous pilgrimage site where devotees from far and wide visit the holy place of Sikhism Gurdwara Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Gurdwara in Rajouri. There is also the Dudhadari temple of the Hindu religion, which is famous for being attributed to the holy Hindu figure Dudhadari Baba, who is said to have survived only on milk, besides being built in the Dogra period. Dhani Dar Fort and Mughal-era Genghis Fort tell the story of Rajouri’s past

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