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State Subject Rules, 1927 The Real Hero Of “State Citizenship” The State Of Jammu and Kashmir, King Dogra Hari Sing

 If it were not for the state subject, we would not be worthy of being called Kashmiris or the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir today:

(By: Aatii Khan)

State Subject Rules 

The real hero of state citizenship “Truth and society have a very close relationship. In every society, the truth is visible to the beholder with its splendor. Can’t blur it “

 “I am a Dogra Hindu Debate Ruler My religion is justice King Maharaja Hari Singh”.

 On April 20, 1927, Maharaja Hari Sing did great favors to the people of the United States of Jammu and Kashmir and the State of Tibet by approving the State Subject Rules in the United States of Jammu and Kashmir. April 20, 1927 History of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and the Golden State of Tibet Ha The day on which Shri Maharaja Hari Singh, the grandson of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and Tibet Ha, approved the enactment of the law of the First Resident (State Subject). Was Tibet Ha is a state of 85,806 square miles, which is a disputed territory under UN resolutions, which is yet to be decided. According to the law, the disputed territory, the United States of Jammu and Kashmir, is a disputed territory. No citizen of India could buy land and property. Whether the Maharaja was a Hindu or an infidel or of any other religion, I have nothing to do with it, but I offer a red salute to this far-sighted thinking of Maharaja Hari Singh in the controversial state. 

Due to this negative thinking, greed, and hypocrisy, first, in 1956, our esteemed lawyer started violating the State Subject Rules from Gilgit-Baltistan and got his hands dirty, and showed the way to India. In 2019, he abolished the state subject role from the area under his administration Notary Timeline only posts related to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and Tibet, as well as mentions celebrities who are part of history, be they Muslims, Hindus or from any other religion … please religious prejudice And stay away from issuing certificates. Don’t be blamed for any political party. Thank you. 

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