Thursday, October 6, 2022

“You will be shot” Pakistan-administered Kashmir

You will be shot. Written by: Malik Abdul Hakeem Kashmir – If a fence is erected near your house and a sign board is placed there. What would be your reaction if “the fence-jumper will be shot?” It depends on honor and conscience. 

Muzaffarabad: Pir Chinasi is a tourist destination 9500 feet above sea level, 30 kilometers east of Muzaffarabad, the capital of pakistan administered Jammu and Kashmir under the administration of Pakistan. A large number of people residing in Muzaffarabad city choose to visit Peer Chanasi on weekends. 

If the temperature in the city is around 40, Pir Chinasi is between ten and twenty. On July 13, 2022, some local families are going to Pir Chinasi and they are stopped by putting up a barrier. At the same time, the picture of the signboard on the fence saying that the one who jumps over the wall will be shot goes viral on social media. 

They will be shot, why? Is it a mindset? Is this mind-set the God of this earth claiming the power to live and kill? Are we common people not human beings to them? Politicians who raise the slogan of Kashmir will become Pakistan, tell us that the practical form of their narrative has come to light, what do they think now? The Supreme Court is the High Court, and these institutions and individuals are supreme in whatever form they are. Is the constitution and law here a powerful mind-set that can be played with mischief whenever and wherever it wants. But the important question is when this bad economy and what does it have to do with security? In this region, the stars that were a symbol of respect in the past, why are they now afraid? Did they even bother to think about it? Reality always claims to be right in the present, but those who do not learn from past decisions invite accidents. 

Look at the case of construction of the monument in front of the Muzaffarabad Supreme Court. 100% more than the engineering estimate. A work order was taken on a single page without one, later 15% additional money was taken. The file is closed. One day the lord of authority thought that more money could be taken. More than one crore was taken under the force of the stick. Thus, 10 crores will be received from the project of three and a half crores. Muzaffarabad city will cover more or less 50 square kilometers. 

Let’s see how many land captured by Army in Pakistan-administered Kashmir:

A stadium was built for the public in Gojra and now? There was a ground in the plate and now from Neelam School towards the river, a park of more or less 500 kanal area with two mile bridge was built by MDA and now Shaukat Line Ground Neelam Public School Ground Neelam Park Tahli Mandi land. 

In Chehla Bandi, the roads leading to the river will be closed for the local people first, then the entire area in front of the fort plate has been taken into custody, there are 3 or 4 grounds and sand dunes below, where people used to go in summer, but now it is closed. Gujra Fort Airport and now Sriyan Top Jawa then Srikot then Peer Chinassim are cowardly people. They are afraid of the black hole.

Politicians, lawyers, businessmen, journalists, bureaucracy all seem helpless in front of the text that “shoot the one who crosses the fixed limits”.

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