Saturday, October 1, 2022

Appointed in charge of Gomal University Computer Operator KP House Islamabad

CM Mehmood Khan’s PSO makes his brother Comptroller of KP House Islamabad: Sources Photo file

ISLAMABAD: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan put Gomal University computer operator in charge of KP House Islamabad.

According to sources, Mahmood Khan’s PSO made his brother the Comptroller of KP House Islamabad and Anjum Niaz also recruited 22 daily wages employees as soon as he took charge. The operator is deployed.

Sources say that there are three vehicles used by Comptroller KP House Islamabad Anjum Niaz, Anjum Niaz is also being given official petrol and convention allowance is also being provided.

According to sources, Anjum Niaz is living in a government house and is also taking house rent, electricity and gas bills of the house are being paid from the government treasury.

Sources say that Bill Anjum Niaz of KP House is verified by PSO to Chief Minister.

Comptroller KP House Anjum Niaz while talking to Geo News said that my appointment has been done by the department, talk to the department about my appointment.

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