Thursday, October 6, 2022

Manchhar lake relays Dadu and Bhan started wreaking havoc in Saeedabad

The relays of Manchhar Lake started causing havoc in Dadu and Bhan Saeedabad, the water reached the villages of Union Councilor Yar Muhammad Kalhoro of Dadu, the citizens and the flood victims sitting under the open sky started migrating.

After crossing the Raila Dadu ring dam of Manchhar Lake, it reached the villages of Union Councilor Muhammad Kalhoro. In view of the danger of flooding in the city and its surroundings, the flood victims who were sitting under the open sky on the roads and agricultural lands put up canopies. The migration began in search.

In view of the flood situation, it was decided to shift the prisoners confined in the District Jail Dadu to Hyderabad.

In Bhan Saeedabad city, the water from the breach of Dal Nahar crossed the Bhan Saeedabad grid station and hit the ring dam of the city.

According to the control room of the Irrigation Department, the water of the lake is being released into the Indus River through the two cuts given at Manchhar Paradal Head, Udal Tail, Danstar Wah and Larkana Sehun Bachao Dam.

On the other hand, the Indus Link Canal bridge has also been cut at the Indus River and the water flow has been diverted towards the river.

It should be noted that the citizens have blocked the cut installed by unknown persons at Johi branch last night, but the water pressure at Johi ring dam is still maintained. The wave was over.

Khairpurnathan Shah town is still submerged, Mehar, Khairpurnathan Shah and Juhi are also disconnected from the district headquarters.

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