Saturday, October 1, 2022

The country is almost in default, only the announcement is yet to be made: Sheikh Rasheed

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Leader of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed says that the country has almost defaulted, only the announcement is yet to be made.

In a statement, Sheikh Rasheed said that electricity has been made expensive by Rs 4.50 per unit, people’s stoves are not burning, they will automatically come to the streets.

The former federal interior minister said that all politics in the country revolves around November.

Earlier, after appearing in the Islamabad High Court, Sheikh Rashid said in a media interview that Imran Khan is neither harassing the army nor the government.

The journalist asked whether you still support the incident that happened in Medina.

On this, Sheikh Rasheed said that you should leave this matter, the FIRs of all the cases are of the same type, I was not even present in Madina Sharif at the time of this incident, when nothing was found, they removed these cases. .

Sheikh Rasheed further said that the Chief Justice has given a good decision as usual that we should not be harassed, the court has also asked for a report on where the cases have been registered, now one day in Faisalabad, one day in Attock One day to go to Lahore and one day to Thana Kohsar? Then the whole month will be spent in the same work, the Chief Justice had already given a good decision but maybe it takes a long time for the decision to reach the police.

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