Saturday, October 1, 2022

Wahari: Karampur village submerged, victims waiting for help

Photo: Geo News/Grab

Karampur village in Wahari district of Punjab province is almost submerged in rain and flood water, instead of receding, the water level is continuously rising.

Clarissa Ward, the chief international correspondent of the American Broadcasting Corporation, says that there are no aid workers in the flood, nor are these people receiving aid, people do not even have a single piece of bread.

He said that the government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army are working day and night to help the victims, but one-third of the country is under water, 3.3 million people are affected, it is not a matter of just one government.

According to Correspondent Clarissa Ward, there is a lot of anger among people, Pakistan is responsible for less than one percent of environmental pollution but is paying the heaviest price for the pollution produced by others.

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