Saturday, September 24, 2022

Youth And Freedom

What, do the Youth of Jammu  Kashmir, think about independence? Now they are understanding the Kashmir issue, and also the policies of their leadership, Now they want to talk about their own independence,.

Freedom And Youth Of Jammu Kashmir|Responsibilities Of  People Of  State J&K

The people of Jammu and Kashmir, who for 3 years have been waiting for the responsibilities of the international community, and the governments of India and Pakistan to realize, are now ready and ready for a people’s revolution to restore, national unity and achieve national independence from all divided entities. And you have to gird it.

  Freedom is the birthright of human beings which Allah has given to every human being and every nation. There is no law, regulation or standard in the world that can make it illegal for any nation to get its birthright from the people’s revolution. All the free nations of the world, have made it possible to achieve their freedom by following the same path. It’s a universally recognized, established, proven way to succeed.

  The people of Jammu and Kashmir, will continue to strive for a long time to make the international community, the Governments of India and Pakistan realize their responsibilities, which is, not wrong, but one day we will all have to agree that our The only viable and guaranteed path to success is the people’s national revolution. Whenever we can be united, organized and committed to this struggle at the national level, the possibility of restoring our national unity and achieving national independence will be assured.

“This country is ours 

 We will decide

We will govern it 

We will protect it. 

” God willing .

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