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Appointment of nephew of Azad Kashmir PM Sardar Niazi along with him as Political Secretary has invited a flood of critical comments against him on social media


The appointment of the nephew of Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi along with him as Political Secretary has invited a flood of critical comments against him on social media from most of the ruling PTI activists who accuse him, namely the Prime Minister, the government:

Muzaffarabad: (Azadi Times Features), Last week, Niazi appointed his younger brother’s lawyer son, Sardar Mutaib, as his political secretary, who has been in government since his uncle was sworn in as prime minister. He was playing an active role in running the affairs. Mutaib’s father Sardar Habib Zia has recently been appointed as a High Court judge. Prior to Mutaib’s appointment, Prime Minister Niazi had appointed Habib Ahmed, Manzar Chughtai and Wajahat Ilyas from his home constituency in his secretariat as Press Secretary, Press and Publication Officer and Nazim for Youth Affairs respectively. Although Mohsin Ali Awan from Muzaffarabad has been appointed to the post of Nazim-e-Ala at the discretion of the Prime Minister’s Office, the reason for this is said to be his personal closeness to Niazi and Mutaib before the election.

Interestingly, the Prime Minister Shortly after taking the oath of office, Niazi had in a single letter approved the appointment of six persons from his constituency and community to the discretionary posts of the Kashmir Liberation Cell, which was widely shared on social media. Is he the Prime Minister of one constituency or of all Azad Kashmir? His office denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Kashmir’s office have been made more than once. Of these, at least three were from the PM’s constituency and the rest from other districts. These individuals who are not required to attend the office receive a lump sum award of Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 per month.

 It should be noted that Kashmir Liberation was established by Sardar Sikandar Hayat government in the 1980s to highlight the Kashmir issue at national and international level. The company covers its expenses through a tax called “Kashmir Cess” which is applicable to all salaries paid from the public exchequer, payment of construction contracts and proceeds from sale and purchase of property. However, the agency is accused of being turned into an “employment office” by each government to reward its workers. Disappointed with the adjustment of one person after another from the PM’s constituency, the PTI workers lost patience over the latest appointment of political secretary and vented their grief and anger on social media. Jabbar Khan Mughal PTI in Azad Kashmir The student body is the convener of the ISF. 

He tagged Prime Minister Imran Khan and Federal Minister Asad Umar on Twitter and addressed Prime Minister Niazi as follows: “Politics is not our livelihood, nor is it weakness, nor is it greed for positions, but such measures are causing frustration among the workers,” Jabbar said in an earlier tweet, adding that PTI ideologues were being exploited. The silence of the leadership, government members and the Legislative Assembly is beyond comprehension. “Giving the same family to the same area under the guise of submissive pleasure is not a merit but a complete negation of the PTI’s ideology.” Is more popular than His post was liked by more than 300 people and more than 100 people commented and endorsed his position. 

The party’s Jayali Fatima Anwar Saduzai also wrote two tweets in support of PTI workers. Saduzai said that the recent appointments made by the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, which belongs only to his family, were tantamount to robbing PTI workers who had been serving the party for years. As a political activist, I condemn the disenfranchisement of other political activists. He also claimed that the “deployments have angered PTI workers and that they feel they are being exploited. Some voices have been raised but they too have been silenced.” It is not just the workers who accuse the Prime Minister of running the government through his family. Many government MPs have been heard saying this in private meetings. An adviser to the government elected from the seats of the refugees in Pakistan, sometimes in public events, sarcastically mentions that the cultivation of saffron becomes a party. However, when contacted by this correspondent, Habib Ahmed dismissed the allegations that the Prime Minister had made appointments from his constituency on a majority of discretionary posts, calling them baseless propaganda of the opposition. 

Has been imposed. However, in the same written reply, he also made an interesting claim. He said that the Prime Minister also wants to rid the Liberation Cell of political appointments and for this purpose work is being done on reorganization of this institution. “No one has dared to do so in the past, but they are determined. Inshallah no one will be able to make political appointments in the Liberation Cell after the reorganization.” 25 Individuals are also counted in political appointments or not

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