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Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan: early lige, political journey, net wroth, family complete biography of Sardar Sikander Hayat f


(Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan)

Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan an era is over. He will be the great leader of Kashmir, the hero of construction and development and the ruler of democracy:

Perfect nature gives certain people certain abilities, due to which they attain a special position. Hazrat Ali had said that some people do not need to be remembered, but they should Thoughts and best ideas are remembered for themselves. Undoubtedly, the ruler of democracy, Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan was one of the great personalities who will always be remembered. He was a politician who achieved this position through continuous struggle.

Sikandar Hayat Khan, who started his long political career as a member, will go home in the hearts of the people. 

In the 1985 general elections, if the Muslim Conference won a majority and formed a government, then the leader of democracy, Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan, would become the Prime Minister. He promoted Azad Kashmir for five years so much that the people of Azad Kashmir He called him a hero of construction and development. Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan’s deeds must be seen in any part of Azad Kashmir. Will come Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan rendered invaluable services to the Tehreek-e-Azadi Kashmir. During his first term (1985-1990), he set up the Kashmir Liberation Cell to accelerate the Kashmir Independence Movement. He said that his budget could be Rs 10 lakh, Rs 20 lakh or whatever. 

The then Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi had shouted at him and he had said that the intentions of the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir were dangerous to him. It is learned that a phrase of the ruler of democracy had set fire to the bodies of Kashmiris that “the fragrance of freedom cannot be stopped by barbed wire”. He distributed silver medals and cash among the heirs of the martyrs of freedom. Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan was a pro-democracy leader in 2005. 

After the catastrophic earthquake in 2006, when the general elections to the Azad Kashmir Assembly in 2006 appeared to be on the verge of possible postponement, the Democrat made it clear that Mojo The term of the 10th Assembly is five years. I will not hold the post of Prime Minister for more than one day. Elections will be held on time in any case, so that the continuity of democratic traditions can continue in accordance with the constitutional requirements. Salar was a pro-democracy activist and politician. 

He once said, “I have given more love, affection and compassion to my workers than to my children. That is why my relationship with them has never weakened.” So I saw a worker outside the Prime Minister’s Secretariat many times, I thought Shahid has something to do with it and I am not being given access to it, one day when I arrived at the office he was standing outside the office as usual.

Yes, I called him and asked him why he was standing here every day, but his answer surprised me that he had done a lot of work with you when you were in opposition, today when you will be the Prime Minister. I am very happy to see you, so I just come here to see you. Salar Jamhuriyat said that I have instructed one of my staff officers to reserve a chair in my office for this worker. He can sit for as long as he wants, he can be fed on time, but I put a restriction on him not to sit next to me and talk to me, because I have a lot of work to do. For months, I did his job, I just thought that I became the Prime Minister with the votes of such people, there are many such examples, he is full of compassion for every political party worker. 

Doing and honoring him, the benefactor of the nation, the uncrowned king of politics in principle, the best introduction to the politics of service, the great advocate of the independence movement and Pakistan’s accession, left millions of his loved ones in tears Comes on human bodies, human characters never die, the services of the Sovereign Democracy movement for freedom, free zone development, stability of institutions, strengthening of democracy and promotion of the politics of tolerance will always be remembered. 

His character will be scattered in the air as a fragrance, will be remembered in the hearts, and will be absorbed in the minds as an idea. He was liberated by joining hands with the leaders and playing with his life.

I have left no stone unturned. His unconditional love for the people of Kashmir and Pakistan, his heartfelt commitment to the independence movement, his commitment to democracy and his struggle for Pakistan’s accession are the special chapters of his book that future generations will read and be proud of. May God Almighty grant this great leader a place in His mercy. Amen

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