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Euducation System in Jammu Kashmir

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Euducation ystem in State Jammu Kashmir|Euducation infrastructure in JK

The level of development the world is at today has never been the same. If you compare today’s times with those of just a few years ago, you will not get to see what you are seeing today. First stone then sword then arrow bow cannon atom bomb and now the world has gone beyond it and is going further and wants to go today the world has become a global village people are connected to each other trade is going on a Help each other in trouble. All this was made possible by knowledge. It was never like that at all. Today we will tell you about the education system of one of the most beautiful regions of the world, the state of Jammu Kashmir an Independent region (Azad Jammu and Kashmir), what the education system is like there, what has been taught to millions of students within the universities there. What is taught. The total population of this region of the state (Azad Kashmir) is just over 3 million. The schools, colleges and universities that have been set up for this population are well staffed, have buildings, have students and study. But when these same students graduate from school and college and arrive at the university, they may not be able to get admission in the subjects they want to study because such subjects are not taught in the university. There are no teachers to teach the subjects and there are no such labs.
 The subjects taught in these schools are either literature or Islamic and there are a few subjects like English and Mathematics which are taught under a basic need. If you want to understand this in simple words then you have to understand through this example. Suppose you live in Kashmir and you want to make your daughter or son a great doctor, engineer, scientist, athlete, or a great movie star, then your wish cannot be fulfilled here. Because there is no such education system in the schools, there are such modern laboratories, such equipment with the help of which students can be taught. Muzaffarabad, the capital city of this free zone of the state of Jammu and Kashmir with a population of 500,000 and is the largest city in Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Today is the age of TechnTechmology Everything is done according to the digital method. Technology is being used in every sphere of life but even today the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir have been kept away from it.

Note: Youn can visit AJK (POK) University website  Click Here
The powers that be have deprived the 20 million people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir of their right to do so. That today the people of Jammu and Kashmir are far behind the world in this modern age of the 21st century. These powers keep the rights of the people here in their hands. They use them as they wish. Let the people go ahead and be free from their slavery.
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Due to greed for land, water, forests and minerals, the two countries have been illegally occupying the state of Jammu and Kashmir for the last 72 years and have enslaved more than 20 million people in all walks of life. Laid back.

 My discussion with all the big and small human rights organizations in the world and the Education Council and all the personalities who work for the protection of human rights is a social activist request that the biggest atrocities happening in the world that Kashmir Understand the atrocities committed against the people of Kashmir in this manner and expose its perpetrators and give the people of Kashmir the rights they deserve. 

 Atif Maqbool young politician

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