Thursday, September 29, 2022

Bhalu found the best remedy for itchy back

If there is an itch on the back, man has many ways and tools to solve his problem, but have you ever thought how an animal would do if it has an itch on the back?

We have also got the answer to this question from a video of a wild animal.

A video of Bhalu is going viral on the social media, in which it can be seen that a Bhalu is sitting on the grass with fun, but suddenly he got an itch on his back, for which Bhalu came up with such a simple solution that even the viewers could not stop laughing.

In the video, Bhalu can be seen swaying his waist from right to left with a pole to remove the itch on the back, which makes it seem like Bhalu is dancing in Masti, but actually Bhalu is removing the itch on the back.

Every viewer on social media liked Bhalu’s video and also described Bhalu’s method of scratching as a new invention.

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