Saturday, September 24, 2022

Indian husband’s announcement to support Pakistani wife’s team in the final

The ongoing Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates made a Dubai-based couple very popular and the reason for this was that the husband supported the Indian cricket team and the wife supported the Pakistan cricket team.

Pakistan and India faced each other twice in the Asia Cup and for days the husband and wife came to the Dubai Stadium wearing the shirts of their respective teams and were the center of attention, during this time they got great fame on every media platform and their videos. It went viral.

Abdullah Khan hails from India and resides in Dubai while his wife Alishba is from Pakistan.

Abdullah Khan told Geo News that I live in Dubai, my ancestors are from India, so I will always support India, I respect my wife’s relationship with Pakistan and she has the freedom to support the Pakistani team.

He said that I did not expect that the Indian team will be out of the Asia Cup, it is a pity that the Indian team is not playing the final, although I thought that our team will play the final against Pakistan and we will support our own team.

Abdullah Khan said that he did not face negative comments when the videos went viral, people took it in a positive way, people said that if the husband and wife of India and Pakistan live in a house with love, then both countries should also live. We should, political issues are different, we should live together, everything is the same, speaking and eating are also the same.

Alashba says that as Abdullah always supports his country, I will continue to support the Pakistan team, we don’t fight, we just tease each other about the defeats of our respective teams, this time also happened before. Abdullah was happy in the match, so I was happy for Pakistan’s win in the second match, so I teased him a lot.

Alashba said that Abdullah had spoken big words during the Asia Cup that India would beat Pakistan in 10 overs. Now I will take Abdullah with me to watch the final, he will support the Pakistan team.

She said that from the beginning I used to say that Pakistan will win, Abdullah did not believe. I will support team Pakistan.

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