Thursday, September 29, 2022

There was no pressure of knockout match, this team will win the World Cup, Ramiz Raja

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The reaction of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja has come out after the defeat of the national team in the final of the Asia Cup.

Ramiz Raja arrived at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium yesterday to watch the Asia Cup final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

However, speaking to the media after the match, Ramiz Raja gave a sarcastic reply to the journalist and said that the match was out of hand when 38 runs were left in 6 balls.

He said that wins and losses, catches were dropped, due to which the position became weak, batting rhythm was not formed, our batsmen should play the spinners well, there was no pressure of knockout match, this team is World Cup. will win

Ramiz Raja said that the message to the team is to keep playing good cricket in the same way, we will win big matches, it is a big thing to have reached the final, the fans support this team.

Apart from this, he addressed the Indian journalist and said that you will be from India, you people will be very happy for the defeat of Pakistan.

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