Saturday, September 24, 2022

Where did the aid money go, why are the victims still dying? Armina’s question to the rulers

These people will keep collecting donations until they can afford to buy a flat in London: User reacts to Armina’s tweet

British-born Pakistani actress Armina Rana Khan took the rulers to task for the dire condition of the flood victims.

Armina Rana Khan also wrote a message on Twitter sharing the news of the death of the flood-affected girl.

According to the news, the little girl of a family, who was only one year old, kept crying all night because of hunger and when she could not bear the intensity of hunger, she lost her life.

In her second tweet, the actress raised an important question regarding the aid donated to the flood victims and asked the rulers, ‘Where did the aid money go? Why are the victims still dying?’

Many social media users also raised their voices on Armina’s question and criticized the government’s relief activities for the flood victims.

One user said that these people will continue to collect donations until they are able to buy a flat in London.

Another Twitter user said that like the donations received in the 2005 earthquake, this too will go into the pockets of corrupt rulers.

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