Monday, September 26, 2022

Repairs to Dal Lake houseboats are not allowed, but why?

SRINAGAR:- (Daily AMV Tribune) Houseboat owners in the world famous Lake Dal are facing serious concerns as the condition of most of the houseboats is very dilapidated:

Many of the houseboats on Lake Dal have been plagued by sudden disasters over the years, while several have sunk, leaving their owners jobless. Houseboat owners complain that dilapidated houseboats are allowed to be repaired. It is not being given and the dockyard that was built 11 years ago is also counting its last breaths. Houseboat owners are deeply concerned that while their jobs have been jeopardized by the influx of tourists over the past two years, they are also worried about the aging of houseboats. 

Houseboat Owners Association Mohammad Yaqub Dunn, spokesman for the party, said that the lower parts of the houseboats need to be repaired every year and every year before the start of the tourist season, the houseboats are repaired so that water does not enter. He said that since last year, the income of houseboat owners has been almost non-existent. The advisory was issued, the houseboats are deserted, and many of the later ones were filled by the situation created by the Wood Lock Down and Corona epidemics. ” He said that if the situation remained the same and there was snowfall in winter, most of the houseboats were in danger of drowning. 

A spokesman for the Houseboat Owners Association said: “Currently, due to unavailability of revenue, the houseboats have been repaired with cement, leaving the traditional method, which is not sustainable. He said that in 2010 the then government had set up a “dockyard” in Dal to repair dilapidated houseboats but not a single houseboat has been allowed to be repaired so far.

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